Friday, September 21, 2012

P's, B's and D's

We carefully sit.
We sound out the words
Is this word ‘big, pig or dig’…how absurd.
How can a five year old know all the sounds?
Reading in Kindergarten? Pressure abounds!
“Pah…pah…pah…pig,”she eventually says.
I reply, “That’s a b!”
She shakes her blonde head.
“Try once again,” I calmly inspire.
“Dah…dah…dig!” She looks happy.
But I burst her sweet bubble.
I prompt, “Bah…bah…bah…B!”
But she simply looks troubled.
Words can be puzzling,” I assure her once more.
“Let’s try this page again.”
She stares at the floor.
“The big pig likes to dig,” I say pointing at words.
Reading in Kindergarten?
This is absurd.
This little poem is linked to week 125 of Saturday Centus.   The four word prompt is in bold and the story is exactly 104 words!   To read other links to this prompt, just click here.

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Betty said...

I guess that's not a true story, but it could be. I still remember doing the B-Bahs as we called them. I learned to read using the Mae Carden method. (I think that's how it's spelled.) Anyway, we had to sing the consonants...B-Bah, C-Cah, D-Duh, etc. All these years later I can still do it.

Ms. A said...

Is this about Little Mo? If it is, have no fear, she's a smart cookie and she WILL GET IT!

Susan Anderson said...

My mom taught each one of us to read, which was great. She also taught my kids to read, which made me a lucky mom. I probably would have left it to my kids' teachers.


Jo said...

What a fabulous story ... and what an early age to start reading ...

Rinkly Rimes said...

During 40 years of teaching kindy, I always used to to say 'b has its tail at the beginning and d has its tail at the end.' (Emphasising the phonic sound.)

Pat Tillett said...

It seems like families have many of their own little clues, tricks, and rhymes to help their kids start to read. One of our grand kids (just turned 3), always call our swimming pool, a "kool." We tried to get to say pool, but using the old "puh puh puh poll" routine. He ALWAYS responds with "puh puh puh kool!" Now he knows we think that it's funny, so he's probably never going to change.

Amy said...

Gah, I hate the english language and all the exceptions to the rules and all the madness. Trying to teach Keith to read is frustrating. I feel your pain.