Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"I think it's going to be the trip of a lifetime..."

Mr. Jenny said!
His eyes were as round as a kid in a candy store.
I'll be honest.
His eyes were as round as MY eyes in a candy store.   Godiva to be exact.
Have you ever gone in one of those stores?
They have these raspberry ones covered in dark chocolate that are...
Sorry about that. 
Sugar rudely interrupted my train of thought for a moment.
As I was saying, Mr. Jenny was pretty excited.
Mr. Jenny has a 1949 Jeepster. 

Mr. Jenny loves his Jeepster.
Some dark day when I'm totally bored and don't have 47,603 things on my to do list, I shall tell you the tale of how he acquired it.
In the interim, just know that he loves it.
It doesn't run very well right now.
Something about a transmission thing-y and an over-drive thing-y and some other mechanical thing-y's that I pay no attention when he's blathering on and on about them.

Did I write that out loud?
Some Jeepster person contacted Mr. Jenny and asked him if we might like to participate in a drive from the east coast to the west coast early in 2014.
In the actual  Jeepster.
Over something like 3 weeks.
Mr. Jenny thinks that will be the trip of a lifetime.
"Ummmm.  Do you mean like driving all the way?"  I asked fearfully.
"Yes!  YES!   Look, here's the schedule.   We drive like 200 or 300 miles a day and then..."
"Ummmm," I interrupted.  "200 or 300 miles a DAY!?!   Are you out of your mind?   We can't even go around the block without all those transmission thing-y's acting up."
Mr. Jenny looked very offended.   "This will be fun!  You need to be excited!  You need to be positive!   It will be the trip of a lifetime."
"Ummmmm," I tried again.   "But...200 or 300 miles a DAY?!?   We can't even go to the park without the over-drive thing-y making that icky noise."
"Don't worry about it," Mr. Jenny said smugly.   "I'm having the Jeepster towed later in the week to start some work on it!"
I don't know if this will actually happen.
There's a bunch of things going on with the planning and certification to participate.
But it might happen.
And we might be able to drive longer than the imaginary trips our Grandlittles take in the Jeepster in the garage...

And it might be the trip of a lifetime!
And maybe there could even be a Godiva chocolate store along the route!
Count me in!
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Terra said...

Your knowledge of automotive thing-ys is right up there with mine. The Jeepster is handsome tho. Will you really be doing this drive of a lifetime? I hope all the thing-ys get fixed first :)

ImagiMeri said...

Oh how fun.......I wanna come, too! I'll hide in the jump seat thingy in the back. Since I've seen it in person, I really need to ride in it, too.

Love ya'

P.S. I'm finishing off 7 shadowboxes!

Sue said...

Those are some cool wheels. Hope the trip pans out! And the over-drive thingy straightens out.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I would be all over that one. I love road trips, the longer the better!

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

What a lovely car Jenny...I hope it's up and running well to take that trip of a lifetime...that would be awesome! Cathy

Janie Junebug said...

I hope all the thingies get fixed and you go on the trip. It probably would be the trip of a lifetime, and it would give you a lifetime of blogging material.


Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Well, it certainly would be the trip of a lifetime! I've decided I'm no fun at all...my thoughts as I read this were: what about air-conditioning? how much is it going to cost to fix up the car? Those should be non-thoughts for the trip of a lifetime...right?

noexcuses said...

What a beauty! I guess I can stop complaining about our '75 VW Bus! I hope Mr. Jenny gets it fixed well enough for the trip. Sounds like so much fun! You will definitely have to google the best chocolate shops along the way!

Pamela Beers. said...

Cool, classic car for a cool, classy couple. Have fun!

Jeanie said...

Maybe you could fly to St. Louis or Chicago (to check out chocolate shops?) and meet up with him after he has made sure all those thingy parts are working along the way.
If that sounds sort of unsupportive, well, it sounds like the trip of a lifetime.

Along These Lines ... said...

Love that car, not quite as cool as my Chevy Chevette, but not bad.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Absolutely gorgeous car and I think that trip would be amazing!

Theresa said...

Count me in too:) Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I bet there will be time to stop for chocolate! Have a blessed week Sweet Jenny, HUGS!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...


Jenny....this link will help you on tour trip!

Gail said...

Sounds like a great idea to me.

Make sure he has a REAL mechanic work on it. He has til 2014.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I must say if the Jeepster is working fine then it would be a great trip! Oh and chocolate will be a must!


Ms. A said...

It would be darn hard to make a trip with the top down... my ponytail wouldn't stay put and I'd have wind rats in my hair!

Ames said...

My butt couldn't sit that long. Good luck with that!~Ames :)

Pondside said...

Just think of the fodder for writing - you'd never have writer's block again!!!

Amy said...

Be still my heart, I love that Jeepster! Like better than chocolate kind of love. Although I am not a huge chocolate fan. I just don't think I have had the right kind, but Hershey's really disappoints. Anyway, it is a trip of a LIFETIME! I would love to go 200-300 miles a day if I could do so in that little beauty. Wanna trade places?!

Anonymous said...

It would be NICE if this trip worked out. Sounds like, um...the trip of a lifetime.

BTW, this is a delightful post. I smiled so much my facial mask cracked. Ouch.

Naperville Now said...

awesome vehicle! you will need driving goggles and fancy mosquito netting fitted to a pith helmet. and lots of chocolate. CAR RIDE!

pasqueflower said...

Wishing you nice sunny days to go cruising in the Jeepster! What fun!
My brother and I used to take imaginary trips -- usually to Disneyland (there was no Disney World when we were kids)in an old truck. We'd bounce up and down on the springs. Not nearly as classy as the Jeepster!!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Love your post....I grew up with a Jeep to explore our 200 acres of woods....I think you saw my blog: http://lmkazmierczak.blogspot.com/2013/01/jeep.html
Many Happy Adventures to you and your hubby♫♪

Debra @ Homespun said...

I'd *GO* with my women's intuition first ha ha

Pat Tillett said...

Chocolate and road trips! Two of my favorite things. BTW, the Jeepster is awesome looking!

Rachel said...

I am kind of sort of totally drooling over that rig! How fun is that??!

I mean, as long as the tranny is working and all.

But goshdarn... you could totally charge for rides in that!

H said...

It would be an amazing trip!