Friday, March 1, 2013

Cry baby! Cry baby!

This little piece of fiction is linked to Saturday Centus week 148.   The prompt is in bold.   To read other stories using this prompt, just click here.

Without you around I sleep like a baby!
I cry every four hours and I think that, perhaps, maybe…
…this trial separation’s becoming quite a big trial!
I toss and I cry and I quite want to dial
your cell phone so I can hear you voice mail.
If I hear your damned voice maybe I can remember
all the reasons I hate you then I can surrender
to a peaceful night’s sleep which I really need!  Maybe!
I’m dialing.
You answer!
I cry like a baby!
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Sandy said...

I'm missing the meaning to this
post.. but look at that sweet
little bundle of chubby!!
Let me go read it again..

Bo said...

This is a great post for the prompt!

Amy said...

:) babies are so sweet! I am thinking I am getting a little baby hungry with all these baby things go on around!

Sue said...

True love gone wrong.
Well done!