Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I lied

I'm back. See previous blog about it being a good day. It was. It really, really was for the 34 minutes I was awake. So I got my walkman and my little walking sticks and headed jauntily using my its-gonna-be-a-good-day stride to go for a walk.

And then I saw my neighbor walking.

It's probably just me but I have to ask anyway. Do people with 47 1/2" inseams make you crazy? I mean, they have that long-legged stride that us stubby legged people just cannot accomplish. No matter what.

When they jog they look like gazelles floating liquidly across the top of a, ummm.... the top of a ... well, you know. I just drew a blank. But you get the idea.

There I am with my 19 3/4" inseam stubby, ridiculous legs trying to float liquidly and all I do is plod.

I know you think I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

And actually, I am.

Do you realize if I had 47 1/2" inseams I would be over two feet taller! It's true! Then I would be the perfect weight for the height charts. It's true!

Then I wouldn't have to be walking in the first place cuz I could just sit at home admiring my long-legged perfect-weightedness (probably not a word but you get the point).

So technically it hasn't started out to be a really, really great day.

But I'm going to look on the bright side.

Ummm.... bright side, bright side! Oh yea. She probably can't buy capris on sale and wear them as pants! Ummm.... bright side, bright side .... ummm...

Well, ok that's the only bright side I can find.

And now I am off to have a stubby-legged mediocre day!



Amy said...

OH Jenny, you nut! I'm stubby legged too...and you know one can ever accuse me of wearing "high waters!" I bet 47 inch inseam lady can't say that!! LOL

Jana said...

Jenny, I for one would love to be petite, I am a super tall girl and sometimes (always) I get tired of being as big as the boys:( on the upside you are too funny.

rec said...

Just look at it this way, all the times you can buy "short" or "ankle" legnth pants on clearance, and when she needs a tall, they aren't any! Its all about the shopping bonuses! I only know this strictly because I wear regular jeans though ( please dont look at the tag! they say ankle! but I'm dreaming still!)

MaryB. said...

Jenny, leg envy... another one to add to pumpkin envy! Girl you are one of the most beautiful women I know... stand in front of the mirror and repeat after me... who's the fairest of them all? Why me of course! (yeah, like I spend time in front admiring my size ***** anyway, think of all those darling deals we get in shops! BONUS!

Linda Medrano said...

Jenny, I have to say this. You are exactly the right size. And perfect in every way, Honey.