Thursday, August 27, 2009

If you want to look like you're 30 when you're 40 you have to start at 20

Huh? I have heard this saying more then once at the Clinical Laser and Aesthetics training school I've been guinea pigging at once a week or so.

Sounds scary, doesn't it?

I bought this membership thing and can get unlimited facials, peels, microderms, laser techniques such as RF and spider vein removal.

I love it. My skin has come a huge way in reducing years and years of sun damage (yup, my sister and I were the ones that laid out for 6 hours at a time with the crisco...) and stress and illness damage.

PLUS they do all kinds of things to remove spider veins, age spots, cherry angiomas and other skin weirdnesses.

At first I felt super guilty doing this. I somehow got stuck in the mentality that if I was doing kind and good things for me that someone else must be overlooked. That all my time, energy and money had to go for kids or grandkids or starving people in India.

But now I don't. Taking care of me makes me feel better. Makes me feel worthwhile and valuable.

And I know that is a pretty deep statement.

Don't get me wrong. I have generally almost always liked myself and never felt like I should be wearing a paper bag. And I'm not a big proponent of elective surgeries from and cost and surgical risk standpoint.

But this stuff is cool. And it takes 2 or 3 hours a week including driving time.

And my husband swears my skin looks 15 years younger...but he could be lying and that's not the most important thing anyway.

The most important thing is that I think my skin looks 10 years younger! Hey, I'm not waxing quite as rhapsodically as my sweet husband. But I do see a difference and that makes me feel better.

Today I had this thing done called RF that tightens collagen. They did half my face and then showed me in a mirror. It was definitely a difference. And it didn't hurt. And I think the turkey neck thing improved for sure!

But the part that confuses me is this...

Now since I'm 54 and just finally starting to take care of my skin more then soap and water and an occassional slathering of make-up what does that mean?

If I want to look like I'm 54 when I'm 64 I should have started 10 years ago? Or, hmmm... I guess it would be if I want to look like I'm 64 when I'm 74 I have to start this very moment?

And I did.

And I'm tellin' ya. I'm gonna be a darned young looking 74 year old!

So there!


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