Monday, August 31, 2009

I am the champion of the world... the game Honeybee Tree.

With great precision and intent I soundly beat all opponents today. In every single game.

Don't let this colorful exterior fool you.

OK, technically you might think this is just a simple little toddler game but really it requires much intelligent planning and strategizing. You have to remove each little bright green leaf stick calmly and surely or the little plastic bees just fall out like crazy.

And it also helps that I beat my 80 year old father and my three year old-Granddaughter...

Oh, yea, and I beat my husband who was trying to hurry the game he played with us along to get back to work... but still, he is awfully smart AND I trounced him, too.


I remain undefeated...

I am the champion of the world.

Perhaps I need to get out just a teensy bit more.


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King J's Queen said...

HI! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Yes, fairs are so much fun for little ones. I think giving them the chance to pet farm animals is such fun.

Oh, and we're big fans of playing games, too. I haven't played the Honeybee Tree game, but it looks fun. We play a lot of board games in the evenings after dinner.