Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rats! Almost escaped chicken butchering

So.... this was the week my Dad and I were going to talk about thrashing and the stuff his Mom did to prepare for the thrashing crews as part of my ongoing life-interview with him.

He is turning 80 in February and this has been one of my planned goals for the finish the part of his life up to when he got married to my Mom, put it into book form with photos, etc. and it's moving along pretty well.

Only last night he called and was all excited and said to to make a note because he just remembered a whole bunch of stuff about butchering chickens.


I had hoped to escape that part of this interview (thinking he might forget about it later) by pleading cold germs that might make him sick.

I called him this morning and said although I was feeling better I didn't want to make him sick.

He said "it's not like I'm going to kiss you...come over and we'll talk about the chickens!"

Uh oh.

I hope he doesn't have pictures. Or worse yet, souveniers.

Uh oh.

OK, I'm going. I'll let you know what happens later.

Uh oh.


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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

LOL Jenny -- let's hope not!

My husband remembers going to the live chicken store when he was a child and watching as his Dad picked out a live chicken and then a little while later they would leave with the carcass to cook for dinner. I know I would have become a vegetarian if I had to do that.