Friday, August 7, 2009

Watch out Hallmark!

I went to the first card-making club class last night. It will be the first Thursday of each month. It was a crazy busy day and I kept wanting to not go but my friend, Cyndie, was picking me up so I went AND it was fun and we got home a little after 9 so it wasn't a late night and look what we made!

Getting ready to start my day school shopping with Miss Julia. Riley went last week. I'd forgotten how much patience and energy it takes to shop for clothes with little kids!

And while we're out I'm gonna drive by the Hallmark store, honk and give them an evil, warning laugh!



Mardell Lamb said...

Those are so nice!! You're way more talented than you give yourself credit for!! Yep, HM better watch out ~

I'd love to participate in a card making class. I need new & fresh ideas. Would love to take ceramics too. I don't know of anywhere around here, though. Seems like it's a "dying" art.

Have fun shopping. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Amy said...

Lovely! Yep, watch out Hallmark!!