Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can we talk about Cheerios for a second?

Cheerios are important. Not only are they an important primary food group of toddlers, we wouldn't have donuts without them.

Cheerios might also be important to a lot of you bloggers who are amazing writers.

Many of you know Terra from Sitting on an Oak and she has a cool Cheerios giveaway going on, BUT more importantly she has information about a ridiculously cool writing contest from Cheerios as well.

If you could take a second and click here to go visit Terra and enter her giveaway that would be mighty sweet of you!

As for me, as soon as I finish writing my winning entry for this contest, I'm going to find someone to plow up my front yard. I'm thinking a doughnut farm could be a big money maker! I can envision the signs now..."Pick your own doughnuts...FREE coffee or cold milk with each 25 pound purchase!"


Please don't let my weird post scare you from visiting Terra and entering her giveaway.

She had absolutely no literary input into post and I'm sure she would just pretend she doesn't know me if she actually read this.

But even if she pretended she didn't know me, I would still like her...and because of that I really, really want you to visit her and leave her a comment.

To reward you for doing this, I am going to share a hilarious doughnut joke with you.


Knock, Knock!

Who's there?


Doughnut who?

Knock, Knock!

Who's there?


Doughnut who?

Knock, Knock!

Who's there?


Doughnut who?

Doughnut ask me that stupid question again.



Allrighty then!

Cute joke! Right? Right?

Oh, geez, quit sighing at me and go and visit Miss Terra.


Pretty please with a doughnut on top?

And just to encourage you to run over there a little bit faster, I leave you with this final joke...

But before I share it, I just have to tell you in advance that I'm sorry. This isn't meant to be offensive because, seriously, I have never met your mother and I'm sure she is really, really smart. It's just that my doughnut / cheerio joke repertoire was pretty limited...


Yo' Mama is so stupid, she poured a bowl of Cheerios and said, "Look, my alphabet soup spells 'Ooooo.

Okay. I'm slinking off now in shame. But please don't forget to visit Terra by clicking here.

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Donnie said...

Okay, going to visit her and laughed at your jokes. I think Don and I need a great day Jenny.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Hey there Mizz Jenny, I sent my story over last week! And yep, it was a good one and NO it was not about a Cheerio eating pig! Although... :@)

Terra said...

That last joke actually made me laugh! Really, and I would never pretend I don't know you because I do and I think your wonderful and you know that!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So I'm thinking I should go visit Terra? :-)

Nancy's Notes said...

You are too funny! Oh, I'll head over and see her now Jenny!


upinthecosmos said...

I liked the yo mamma joke, hadn't heard that one.... LOL! I'll be checking her out:-) Stop in & read The Quatrefoil Watch

Karen S. said...

Ooooooooo so good! I'll check her out tooooooooo!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think your jokes are too cute!!!
I want a donut farm too. :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, I'm going to have to tell my 3 year old granddaughter the knock knock joke. Yeah, I said 3, you nut.

I'm going to go check out that writing contest. but I'm scared. :(

Theresa said...

You make me giggle:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Sue said...


I'd already visited her, Jenny. But if I hadn't, you can bet I'd be heading over there, right now!


Jackie said...

Well I heard this from another blogger : Life is a bowl of cheerios , and I'm a fruit loop :P

Judie said...

I did visit! Thanks for the info, and for the laughs this morning!!

Nezzy said...

I've heard that in the context of a blonde joke. For some reason people shower me in blonde jokes! Heeheehe!!!

I'm enterin' that Cheerio giveaway..thanks!

Thanks for enterin' my Happy Easter Giveaway!

God bless and have a fun day sweeite!!!

knitwit said...

My 7 year-old is going to LOVE that knock-knock joke!
My autistic 5 year-old can't say "cornflakes" (which is odd, because he can say "delicious", "hot dog", "let's go outside" etc etc...) so whenever he wants a bowl he takes a deep breath and belts out "CHEERIOS?" and I go running for the cornflakes. I'm like a trained monkey, and he knows it.

Ms. A said...


Jo said...

no, that'a yo mama .... skay, lousy comeback for sure, loved the corny jokes ... and i will check out Terra's blog today!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You are always good for a smile. I think that donut farm just might be a winner!

Holly said...

If you plant a doughnut farm, I will make you signs and banners! I am so using that joke on my kids in the am!

Amy said...

Should I be embarrassed that I laughed at not one, but both of those jokes?

I love Terra. she is wonderful, isn't she? I hope you win. We love the books in the Cheerios boxes, and how awesome would it be if I knew it was yours! I could send it to you for an autograph and everything. That would make up for me laughing at both jokes, right?