Saturday, July 7, 2012

I wish I were climbing a mountain...

I could see the hallway growing darker.

The New-Age music droned on and on. The soft lighting from the corner zen lamp was becoming increasingly inadequate.

Had she forgotten me?

My session had started eons ago. The once cushiony padded table had become uncomfortable.

I looked at the needles protruding from my elbows and hands...the tip of the needle in my chest.

She had forgotten me.

I thought about my Granddaughter's recent victory reaching the rockwall summit even through her fear.

I held my breath...

...and moving my right arm very, very slowly, began removing the quivering accupuncture needles.

This little story, based on a picture prompt,  is linked to Saturday Centus.  To read other offerings from this shared prompt, just click here.
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Sue said...

Tell me this isn't a true story?!

Not good.


Jo said...

oh now this sounds scary ... and great take on the prompt ... all of that bravery!

Ames said...

I wouldn't pay her.

I was stuck in this same situation a few days ago. I had a 2:00 appointment for a nerve conductivity test. I sat in the little exam room forever.

I told myself I would walk out when 3:30 rolled around. The doctor came in at 3:25. Right away I knew I didn't like him and would never ever recommend him to anyone ever! Too bad some medical people are so inconsiderate. ~Ames

Jim said...

Nice but unexpected ending, Jenny. Very imaginative, I like it.

Eventually, perhaps tomorrow or Monday I will try out the next one. Have busy stuff today and a Six Word Saturday going on my other blog for Saturday.

anitamombanita said...

no surprise that you would come up with something totally off the wall! ;)

Jojo said...

So was it helpful? That's the big questions.

Ms. A said...

Did you really remove them? Did you give someone a piece of your mind?

Amy said...

Pleaseoh please tell me this is just a story and not true?! How awful. But such a great story of bravery and overcoming/confronting fears. Especially if it isn't true. :)

H said...

That looks like a good climbing wall. I don't see anyone belaying. Is it an automatic belay device? It's far harder to overcome fear when there isn't an instructor at the bottom offering encouragement and advice. Well done eldest Grandlittle :)

I HATE needles! 'nuff said!

Viki said...

What a terrible experience that would be.