Monday, April 15, 2013

Drawn to the dark side...

You know those people that go to visit places where terrible things have happened?


That's not me.

I don't want to feel any bad vibes or see anything icky or even let my imagination run wild when human nature becomes ugly.

So I was pretty surprised when I succumbed to the allure of the dark.

There we were.

Indulging in our new past-time of wasting gas and driving all over Godforsaken Arizona.

This habit started when we got our pick-up truck and now  involves one of us saying, "Well, I don't have much to do today...AND we do have a pick-up truck...AND we do have a full tank of gas!"

This statement results in both of us scurrying around...

Me grabbing water bottles and apples and granola bars. 

Mr. Jenny grabbing the camera.


Gentlemen start your engines!

We are off!

Spring in Arizona is glorious. 

Desert plants are in bloom.  

Sunsets are magnificent. 

The dust billowing up behind us smells clean and fresh. 

Okay.  I made up that part about the dust smelling fresh...but you get the idea.

On this particular trip we had just meandered around on backroads looking for...well...stuff.

Anything of interest.

Cool trees.

Dead trees.

Big trees.

Cool rocks.

Big rocks.


You get the idea!

It was getting dark and we decided it was time to start heading home when it happened.

We saw it.

A small hand-painted sign that had "Satanic Worship Church".  The arrow pointed down an even dustier road than we had been on.

We passed the sign.

We looked at each other.

Mr. Jenny stopped and backed up.

And off we went in search of a "Satanic Worship Church", totally unsure what we would do if we found it.

There was not much on the road.

A few abandoned buildings...

and lots and lots and lots of brown long-neck beer bottles sparkling in the almost sunset.

We drove a little further.

We kept looking at each other.

My heart was pounding a little bit...thump  thump    thump ....

And then we saw a building on a slight rise in the distance.

As we got closer we could see it was in total disrepair.

I gulped.

Thump, thump, thumpity, thump went my heart.

And put my hand on Mr. Jenny's arm.

"Maybe this isn't a good idea," I said.

Mr. Jenny just kept driving.

As we got even closer we could see a sign by the road but we couldn't read it.

We could see a church bell in silhouette.

"A church bell?" I questioned.  "Do Satanic churches have church bells?"


Mr. Jenny just drove slowly forward.

We stopped in front of the sign.

And then we both started laughing.

In fading letters on a sun-beaten background was painted "Stotonic Church".


Not Satanic.

We drove around the building amazed that the church bell was still there.

We got out to take some pictures.

The battery on the camera was dead.

I didn't have my cell phone.

So we poked around a bit and then drove home arriving well after dark.

We were still chuckling over mis-reading the sign.

I looked for pictures on Google and Bing to show you what this funky, falling down place looks like but there were none.

And while I was googling...

I briefly considered searching for 'Satanic churches in rural Arizona'...

and then I resisted the idea.

Because I really didn't want to know...

...and even if I found any I wouldn't want to go.


Being drawn to the dark side ONCE is enough for me.

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vivian said...

OMG.. you crack me up.. Great sense of adventure. I would have just seen the sign and high tailed it out of there.
great story Jenny! have a great week!

noexcuses said...

What a great story! I would have been too scared to go there! Thanks for sharing!

Theresa said...

I would have loved to be riding along on that journey:) You really live among SO much beauty! Can't wait to visit again:) Have a blessed week dear Jenny, HUGS!

Viki said...

Haven't you ever watched any horror movies? You should NEVER go down the road no matter how curious. lol

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! Glad you had a beautiful day.

Jeanie said...

Well, at least you can say you took "The Road Less Traveled"

Gail said...

What a delightful adventure.

Janie Junebug said...

I grew up in a town with a satanic church. I'm from Topeka, the home of Fred Phelps and Westboro "Baptist Church." One of my older sisters says that we drove by the Clutter family's house after they were murdered (see In Cold Blood by Truman Capote). I have no idea why my parents would have done that. I'm glad you didn't end up at a satanic church.


Pamela Beers said...

Well, Jenny, you certainly had me on the edge of my chair seat. It's interesting how the "naughty" side of our personality tends to draw us into some shady situations.

Great story!

Jo said...

what a cool adventure ... now get back there and take some pictures ... i just have to see this church!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Dead batteries?? No, I wanted photos of the Satanic church! Oh wait, you didn't find that did you. You and Mr Jenny are crazy and I love it! Hugs, Linda

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You are the world's funniest woman! You AND Your Thumpity Thumping Heart and Brave Mr. Jenny and the Truck with its sweet dust and the Sotonic Church. Laughing so hard my sides hurt.



Busy Bee Suz said...

I would have been too scared to drive in the direction of satanic are so funny!!!

Rita said...

OMG! That was so funny!! And you guys are just wild to actually try to go find that satanic church in the first place! LOL! :)

Maureen said...

Thanks for the laugh, Jenny!

Sue said...

Never a dull moment with the Matlocks!


Anonymous said...

You are a crazy-funny lady and I love reading your blog. I'm a little surprised you're as 'scared' as the rest of us. Don't blame you for not wanting to know about know...for sure.

pasqueflower said...

Ha.Ha. Love reading about your day trips with Mr. Jenny.

Debra @ Homespun said...

LOL this one takes the cake! :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

The desert IS gorgeous in the Spring! I was lucky to see this once a few years ago when I visited the Phoenix area in April.
I can totally relate to driving around looking for interesting things--things of nature like trees, but also weird stuff. I don't know if I'd have the guts to check out a Satanic church. You are very brave!