Monday, April 1, 2013

The times they are a’changing…

 I remember the ‘good old days’ when a plastic cock roach worked wonders!

 Or filling the salt shaker with sugar and the sugar bowl with salt was just hilarious!

 Or freezing the milk!



April Fools pranks were endless.

But now.
Now I’m an empty nester with an audience limited to only Mr. Jenny and Oskie, the Weiner Dog.
Yeah.   My possibilities are pretty limited.
I did the fake scream for the fake cock roach in the bathroom, but Mr. Jenny knew I was fibbing.  “If it was a real bug you would have screamed a lot louder than that!” he said, returning to read his newspaper.

Oskie, the Weiner Dog, merely shot me a look of disgust when I offered him a ‘treat’ of a plastic Tupperware lid, and then returned to Mr. Jenny’s lap to finish reading the newspaper.

 April Fool’s Day and no-one to prank.

 I could call someone.   But all the phone call ideas are pretty lame.

 “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!   Hurry!  HURRY!”



 Geez.  I can’t think of any phone pranks I could make that wouldn’t possibly give the recipient a heart attack.

 And I don’t even know if the old gag jokes would work and if they did would that even COUNT as  an April Fool's prank?
Is your refrigerator running?” 
I just can’t imagion that conversation progressing to the point where I can laugh uproariously and say, “Well!   Then go catch it!”


 And I seriously doubt if anyone would  fall for a text message saying, ‘OMG!   There’s a spider on your shoulder!”
I would have to resort to something distinctly unfunny like, “I was in an accident…can I borrow your car?”

Or perhaps even more unlikely, “URGENT! Lost my cellphone!   Can I borrow yours?”



 Okay, that made me laugh.   Get it?   I’m using my cellphone to send a message to your cellphone and…

 Oh, geez.  Never mind.  If I have to explain why it’s funny it’s probably not super funny.


 So I’m just going to have to end this April Fool’s Day by…



 Just move slowly now.
 Back up.
It's looking at you…
And by the way.
Can I borrow your car/credit card/laptop?
Mine doesn't seem to be working right!!!!
Happy First of April!
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ImagiMeri said...

Happy April Fools day my sweet, funny, friend! Love you lots!

Hugs N'Love,

P.S. Can I come over today or Wednesday?

Pondside said...

No April Fools jokes here this year - we're a dull bunch today. Too much chocolate, I'm afraid!

Holly said...

I thought we were still in March! No one to prank here but myself...just not up for that!
I realize that earlier I hit something other than "post a comment". Whatever I did is now a comment on my post!
must go and delete now!!!

Pamela Beers. said...

The spider is great! This is Dingus Day as well.

Jo said...

well you came up with a few more than i did ... i miss have a youngster to around to prank ... lol!

Janie Junebug said...

Yeah, sure, you can borrow whatever you need. My address? I'll email it to you.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

It's funny while I was reading I thought, I'll bet Mr. Jenny would fall for a big hairy spider!

I know it always gets me!

Melinda said...

OMG!That spider is yucky!

M :)

Along These Lines ... said...

The times they are a changing? Oh, for a moment I thought you were a little slow off the mark with daylight savings this year.

H said...

I'm pretending to run away from that huge, scary spider :)

Theresa said...

I was considering loaning you my car until you scared me with that spider... YIKES! Have a blessed day dear Jenny, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

This is a hilarious April Fools' Day post. You have me in stitches. You're a jewel.

Cathy Kennedy said...

There isn't much pranking going on here, either. BTW, today's post is to honor you April's bday girl! Come by & check it out!

April birthday wishes to

Amy said...

I like all of your joke ideas. Hahaha! Although I can see why the dog wasn't a fan. :)

Debra @ Homespun said...

you are a bit of a nut...LOL! funny post! :)

Sue said...

Love you, Jenny.


Splendid Little Stars said...

That's a pretty real-lookin' and scary spider! On my way to save you!

Someone pulled that refrigerator phone prank on me long ago.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Jenny,
Long time since I have been by, and loved your post, you just crack me up. I could so relate I didn't prank on person and I usually do, but just couldn't think of anything accept something that would give them a heart attack either. Last year I called my hubby and told him the roof on our shed caved in, I was very convincing.........he bought it and then he was so happy when I said April Fool'

One year our Pasto's secretary left him a message (with the telephone number of the Zoo) Course, the note just said, Ted E Bare called,with a phone #, so he called the number and asked for Ted E Bare and then realized he had been had.......
pretty funny.

Hope all is well with you hon,
Blessings, Nellie