Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Martha and I are getting pretty close

I mean...not to brag or anything but she personally sent me an e-mail with a 326 page print-out of craft items I need to purchase before she starts on a little Halloween workshop with moi and moi alone.


Actually I would be scared to have a Halloween Workshop with Martha alone.

First of all I'm not too great at following directions and I generally like to do it my own way.

Second of all I have the attention span of a gnat. ( those are not super-attentive bugs, are they?)

Third of all I don't think I can afford everything she'd require for me to attend.

But I did sign up for her Halloween on-line workshop thing and got the e-mail yesterday with a list of supplies and I think it is actually something like 14 pages long.

She sent it to us a week early so we can gather all the supplies.

My printer was almost out of black ink so I asked my husband to print it on his - which he did. However, I did hear a few under-his-breath comments about "just what we need, more stuff" but I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear it.

Because truly I think he might be just jealous.

I think secretly he is envious that Martha sent me a personal e-mail and not him! Like she would ever, ever send one to him. He actually considers crafts (gulp!) CLUTTER! Can you imagine such a thing!!!!!???????

Now don't you be jealous.

And don't be a hater. Perhaps if I mention it to Martha, personally, she will let you join her little on-line Halloween club, too.



Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Hey girl, stopping my from Jana's blog, who I personally just adore...if she likes you, I know I will like you. No question.


CherylK said...

Just love your blog! The music is very cool. Am a big fan of Martha...can't figure out why I wasn't on her list.