Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger

I let my life get in the way. I'm sorry. Things got crazy and I sadly neglected my poor little blog. Don't hate me. It's just we are crazy, crazy busy. I took a bunch of pictures of stuff we're busy with but I haven't even had time to sort them. Maybe if I sort them I'll remember what I've been doing. As it is it's all a blur...a busy, busy blur.

But here, at least, is a picture of my little bunny door. It looks like a chocolate bunny. Which reminds me I need to eat breakfast. Unfortunately, it will not be a chocolate bunny because I haven't bought them yet for Easter...which is just another reason I'm so busy.

And, yes, I do want some cheese with this whine. Or perhaps chocolate. I hear chocolate and whine go together well.



Terri and Bob said...

The computer gets in the way of LIFE! I am glad to hear you are living one! Happy easter!

Carol said...

Oh my....that is adorable!