Sunday, April 5, 2009

Broken footed husbands always get me down

Especially when it's my poor sweet Steve. He broke his foot. Apparently many people get these hairline (shouldn't that be sole-line) fractures but they heal very quickly because they generally occur in a vasular area of the foot (hey, don't hate me because I'm brilliant - I'm just repeating what the podiatrist Dr. Person said) BUT Steve broke his foot in an area with little vasular blah-blah so it is going to be around six weeks, wearing this boot, and staying off of it before it heals. They may need to do something extra to help it along but they won't know that for two more weeks. I think this is my fault. Really, don't try to console me and tell me it isn't. I did this with a bad karma April Fools joke. It's true. I told Greg that Steve had broken his leg and I needed help and Greg got all worried and look at what my stupid joke actually caused. Anyway, I guess the broken foot isn't really about me at all (even though I am the center of my own intense Universe) so I will close this by saying "poor Steve" (and then quickly adding - waaaahhh. now I have to do my own vacuuming AND clean the wood floors by myself) Sigh.

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