Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally Friday

This week has been crazy busy but instead of zipping by it's felt slow. Weird. Or perhaps I'm not really busy but just dreaming I'm busy and I'm actually being a slug laying around eating bon bons and watching Martha reruns.

Either way it's finally Friday.

Tomorrow I am taking my Mom to an engagement party for our wonderful nephew Tom. Then Chris and Lindsey are coming up for an early birthday dinner since they can't come at Easter. Sad on the Easter thing. Happy on the seeing them thing.

Steve has a podiatrist appointment today to get to the bottom (hee hee - or would that be a colonoscopist to get to the bottom - ewwwww)of his foot problem. I took him to Urgent care yesterday and he is wearing a boot and using crutches and just generally in some heavy duty pain. He's so funny, though. You can't even tell it hurts - he is so stoic. Or would that be brave.

My friend Beth put up a link to this neat site for quilt patterns. It's a beautiful site. She is doing a giveaway and I like the alliteration of FREE ON FRIDAY IN FINLAND (actually I think she's in Sweden and you should comment just to see how cool the comment thing looks in a foreign language AND it will make you feel wildly continental as well) so go there now to enter to win something cool.
OK, today is babysitting and I have to finish painting this silly door with a bunny so it can get hung today. I'm not sure what was in my head but I sure hope it executes as well in real life. If it does I'll share a picture.

If it doesn't, I'll just paint over and pretend I always meant for it to be plain.

Plain? Painted? You'll have to check back to know for sure.


Terri and Bob said...

Share the door regardless! One is always hardest on oneself!

Johanna said...


I ´ve got here through the comments in my sisters blog. I feell a need to point out that she lives in Sweden, not denmark.
I realise our scandinavian countries must seem very small to you americans, but there´s quite a differense between them, and simillarities to of course.. Now you know anyway, sweden, not denmark .-)