Sunday, April 26, 2009

I got me some culture...

...and had a great day in the process. Steve and I spent all day yesterday in Tucson with our son Chris and his girlfriend, Lindsey. It was a gorgeous day for a drive to Tucson ... high white clouds, deep blue sky, mountains silhouetted ... We met at a very funky, cool restaurant called El Charro and it was so eclectic and neat inside. Cris and Lindsey had some amazing looking combination plates but I was a very good girl and had a topopo salad with no tortillas. Accckk. That was hard. The salad was very different and kind of looked like a volcano. Then Chris and Steve dropped Lindsey and I off to attend a dance performance at this amazing place called the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre.

which was cased all in rusty metal. Ahhh, it was so funky and neat and I wanted to unscrew one of the big panels and tote it home for some unknown purpose. The performances were done by Performing Arts student at the U of A and really diverse and interesting. One super dark performance was disturbing the rest were mesmerizing. My foot kept acting up and falling asleep which was the only bad thing. Broken feet are kind of a pain in the ... well, I guess that would be pain in the foot. Sigh. On the way back to their house we stopped and got some coffee at a little place called Raging Sage and sat outside on the patio and talked about bikes, oranges, shade sails and other deep philosophical stuff like that.

We visited a bit at the house (which is very nicely done and so extremely clean I shuddered for a moment remembering what I had left behind at home), I played one of Chris' slightly out of tune guitars and then we said our goodbyes and headed home accompanied by the golden western sun.

It as a fun day. Wish you could have been there. Then you could have held my hand during the scary dance number. I was afraid to ask Lindsey to.


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