Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The glamour is fading

Sure it's cool to walk around with a stupid looking boot on your foot wearing a hot sock when it's 90 degrees out.

Sure you feel just sporty and active gimping through the grocery store with two little grandkids trying to avoid getting your cute boot scuffed up (or perhaps your foot bumped)and trying not to drip pain sweat onto your cart of fresh veggies.

I dunno....I might be an ingrate but I think the glamour is fading for me just a little bit.

I think Steve is still liking the glamour of his boot but perhaps I have a shorter attention span cuz right about now it is just making me crabbbbbbbyyy - big time!

And there's still weeks to go.


Sorry to bring my crankiness to your eyeballs.

I just figured if I was suffering I'd try to make everyone else suffer, too.

Just kiddin'


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SweetMelissa said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your footses. They'll be better soon, I'm sure. You can sew with your left foot right? Hey, thanks for commenting on my "dare to comment" post. It's fun to get to know fellow bloggers. A few weeks back us JunkGirls stopped by Beth's place so Cassie and I could drop off some quilts to be quilted. While looking around her sewing room all of a sudden I blurted out..."Hey! There's a box with Jenny Matlock's name on it...I've been on her blog!!!" Small world, huh?