Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good morning!

Company is gone, no babysitting today, party is finished.

But boy oh boy am I behind with just about everything. I am up to almost two miles now with my walking sticks so I did that this morning, rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes and did my floor and face exercises for about 15. Headed out to the garden to deadhead, weed, pull out sunflowers and harvest some flowers and beets.

Now everywhere I look is clutter and mess and things to pack and put away and I don't feel like doing anything at all. But I will.

But I'm just gonna say it now.

I don't like. Not one little bit. Who the heck made all this mess and clutter anyway.



Carol said...

I just spent two whole days...from sun up to sun down and, spring cleaning my entire house!!! I am one tired chick! Take your time and put it away slowly...maybe the clean fairies will come...but tip them, I didn't and ya see what happened to me! LOL

Terri Steffes said...

I am glad to see you back! I clean as I go and I think I might be missing out on stuff... so let your house be messy and enjoy your life!