Friday, June 19, 2009

See ceramics? Ceramics are good. Ceramics are fun.

This is Debbie. She is the teacher. She is eating baja bites. She likes baja bites.

These are Cyndie and my painted salt and pepper shakers. Nice pepper shaker. Nice salt shaker.

This is what the shakers look like when they are done. My salt shakers have a white bottom and a red scarf. My pepper shakers have a black bottom and a red scarf. Pretty pepper shaker. Pretty salt shaker.

I love going to ceramics class. Ceramics are good. Do you feel like you just read a Dick and Jane book? Dick and Jane are nice. Dick and Jane are good.



Tina❀ said...

Oh my gosh are they cute!

Michele said...

What cute salt and pepper shakers. Love them! Jenny it's been years since I talked with you...I believe I used to be on your blog but lost the log in years ago! Hope you publish the recipe for baja bites!