Saturday, June 27, 2009

We done got us some culture today

So.... after the farmers market we headed up to Payson for breakfast. Our cooler was loaded down with miniature radishes, micro-arugula, melon and all kinds of cool stuff.

Beautiful day. Fluffy white clouds. Thermostat dropping from 102 to 87. Hey, what could go wrong. Something did. Big time. But wait.

First we went and ate and then went to a farmers market in Payson where Steve scored some freshly grated horseradish. Then we went to a few strange shops and didn't spend a penny.

And then it happened. Steve had to answer a phone call and I ran into a little gallery and I was beguiled by a painting which is like nothing I have ever liked before. I'm not sure why but it just made me happy. I kept wandering by and looking at it and when Steve came in he looked at it right away and said "wow, I like that, we should buy that." So we did.

That wasn't the wrong thing yet.

When we got home we put it over the mantel where it looks really neat with all the funky stone and that's when it happened.

It's official. I need to paint that room. Make new pillows. Re-arrange furniture. Get some cooler clothes. Dust under the couch. Make slipcovers.....

... are you getting my drift?

Yes, that gorgeous little painting has my mind a-whirling with all kinds of fix-up thoughts and now, poor Steve, has no idea how to take it away from me and return it so he can relax instead of helping me haul every piece of furniture we own from one room to another. (I think he secretly likes it but is just acting annoyed)


Now, I'm gonna get him to go with me to to Home Depot to get some paint samples.



Terri Steffes said...


I want pictures of the updo, redo, or whatever! And of course, of THE PICTURE.

I am nervous now, I just ordered a custom painting of the back yard... do you think it will lead to a complete redo of the kitchen?

Terri Steffes said...

If that bottom picture is it, sigh, it is awesome. You go girl!