Sunday, June 7, 2009

What do bleachers, gang tags and falling into the water have in common?

They all happened to me before 7:30 am! It's been a busy, busy morning here in beautiful Arizona.

I took my lovely walking sticks to the track this morning and walked 7 laps with them (1 3/4 miles) and then I ran up the bleachers. Pant, pant, pant. I walked down slowly. But I did it and I was sooo proud of myself.

On the way home I noticed the neighbors door was open (this is a house in fore-closure) and then I saw a gang symbol painted on the garage wall. Uh oh! I saw the back gate open. Uh oh!

I came inside and told Steve and he said "uh oh!" too!

We called the police.

While we were waiting for them to come I decided to quickly deadhead the roses so Steve could pump irrigation water into that raised bed. So as I was walking along the brick wall and kept telling myself - don't fall, don't fall ... so of course, I did fall, right into the irrigation. It didn't hurt but I was pretty annoyed with myself.

And that's been my morning! Fun, fun, fun!

Oops, and now there is an update. It is not gang tags but someones initials and the police say this is the second break-in at this house (we were in Ohio during the first one)!


And now I am off to do my exercise bike and work in the garden!

Signing out from busy Arizona!

Over and out.

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