Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hey! Do you want to make a cool FREE craft?

So...when my amazing cousin, Allie, was visiting from Ohio she brought along some of her paper-crafting staples. Fabulous products from a fabulous instructor. But like so many of these products they are super-super pricey.

But I have a great budget way for you to make one of my very favorite items she brought along. Her ribbon organizer was a super cute little clear and pink tote that almost looked like an old train case. But then I priced them out. Hmmm...

So I found this little plastic zip bag that a set of sheets came in laying around and I thought I'd give it a try. And it works perfectly and just as well. Not quite as cute but the price is right. Can never beat the price of TOTALLY FREE!!!

So I thought I would share this free, fun and functional idea with you! I figured you deserve a small reward for sticking with my whole Pillsbury Not-Bake-Off Story.

If you don't have one of these little plastic zip bags laying around they are really cheap at a drug or dollar store.

Now, because I have the most generous, perfect cousin in the world I now own this nifty little puncher thing but I am sure you could just make these holes with a nail and they would work just fine.

Unzip your little plastic case and punch or poke holes randomly all over the top.

On holes that seem super tiny wiggle your punch (or your nail) around in the hole to enlarge it a little bit.

Put ribbon spools in the bottom of the case and thread the end through the hole so it is sticking out of the top.

Continue doing this until all the holes are filled or you run out of ribbon.

Zip up the sides being sure that all spools and ribbon ends are enclosed!

Look! I want to use purple polka dotted ribbon. Pull gently until it as long as you want.

Well! Wait! Maybe I want to use this blue and green polka dot ribbon!

And here's the top of the silly little case...but this works wonderfully well.

I think these would be fantastic Christmas gifts for crafty friends. Perhaps you could include a few spools of ribbon already threaded through so they would know how wonderfully thoughtful your organizational gift was!

And do you realize I didn't have one "sigh" in this entire blog post. So....


(just didn't want you to feel gypped!)


Terri and Bob said...

So cool. I am going to make one right away. Ok, after I make the other 10 things that are on my list first.

MaryB. said...

Jenny... you're a nut! Creative, problem solver... but nonetheless... a genuine NUT! (smile!)

Allie said...

Laughing out loud -- I am so happy I don't have an internet site to sell those ribbon holders, you would put me out of business! What a fabulous idea and I LOVE you are encouraging recycling!!! Great job!!!! AND I am also glad you liked the hole punch thingy (lol) with the piece of marble to stop you from putting holes all over your kitchen table or marble countertops!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Nice idea! I have all my ribbon spools in the top drawer of one of those plastic rolling things with drawers...and they can be hard to unravel at times.

Melinda Cornish said...

great idea! better than my just throw em in a bin idea!!!

Maggey and Jim said...

That is a hoot.. not quite sure I get it but today I was just trying to get some spools of ribbon organized. Will have to try it for sure, don't they get tangled?

Melisa Waldorf said...

Very cool idea!!! But I could never use one of these because I'm one of those super anal, control freak crafters who has all of her ribbon wrapped on those little embroidry thread doo-dads, and filed by color, teehee. But, it is an extremely clever idea and I love the money you could save doing this instead of buying one of those over priced ones I've seen in the stores. Thanks for the tip!

Ames said...

LOL! You crack me up Jenny!Thank you for the tip. :D ~Ames