Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday letter T

Good morning class.


Please read this!

I just want to remind you all that you need to visit at least 10 links. It would be very sweet if you made sure to visit everyone that visits you as well! I think we have pretty good success in this meme with being thoughtful visitors, but please keep this expectation in mind when you link. Thank you!

Welcome to round four of Alphabe-Thursday! Today we will be studying the simply sensational terrific letter:

Please link directly to your Alphabe-Thursday URL (if you don't know how to do this let me know!) and please continue to visit the five links before and after your link and leave a comment. Minimum of 10 links visited please. You can visit more if you like, of course, and please try very hard to visit the blogs that visit you for this meme.

I also want to let you know that each week I visit every blog. If it appears I haven't visited your blog by the following Thursday evening, please let me know!

If you have any difficulties with your link, please make sure to include the number of the link when you e-mail me. It is really difficult for me to find you easily otherwise.

If you have any questions about Alphabe-Thursday or problems doing your link just post it in a comment or send me an e-mail. I'll do my best to help you as quickly as I can.

The McLinkey will be live from 1:00 pm MST time Wednesday afternoon in an effort to assist our lovely "friends across the pond" and continue through 10:00 am MST time Friday morning!

And remember.... link back to this post, you need to be registered as a follower of my blog, PG posts only, and you must visit at least 10 other posts...perhaps consider starting from the last posts and work backwards. The links will stay live after the final post deadline has passed so you can even wait and visit over the weekend or whenever you have more time.

Please link your tremendous link now!

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Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

TOTALLY THANKFUL for T words and TANGENTS by Mrs. Matlock!
Happy T Day!

Lola said...

Happy T day!

XOXO Lola:)

Unknown said...

Thankful for the heads up. Yes what's the use of linking when nobody is visiting somebody ^_^ Mine is up!

Letter T

Erika said...

Thanks for the reminder. I know I was late visiting my links and did not link up today until I was caught up and ready to visit. It makes it more fun when I give myself that time.

Thanks for hosting,

Donna Heber said...

Hi Ms. Jenny,

"T" is for Tea Time :-) Thank you for hosting our party. I'm off to visit.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Terrific T's are tremendously tops!!!! Heehehehe!

Happy T Day sweetie!

Have a marvelously blessed day!!!

The Poet said...

I'm thrilled to be taking part. Have a great week ahead everyone!

Tears Of A Beautiful Woman

ellen b. said...

Thanks for the reminder Jenny! Happy Easter to you and yours!

anitamombanita said...

T is for Thanks. Thanks to you for your time, talents and taking this on. And thanks for reminding people to visit each other. Some are TERRIFIC at doing so and thanks to them too! OK, off to traveling around to see the other alphabetarians!!

Anonymous said...

One issue we've been discussing on Julia's Place is that those of us from Wordpress have trouble commenting on a lot of Blog spot and Blogger blogs (esp. if they have word matching turned on) and they get put in spam when they come to Wordpress. So some of us are visiting but can't leave comments...

Cathy Kennedy said...

Last week, I was a terrible person. I tumbled on my assignment and honestly, I don't know if I was even able to visit 10 people. I did...I think I did anyhow visit all those who stop by and IF I didn't I'll be sure to make up today or tomorrow. Thanks for hosting!

Along These Lines ... said...

Thanks for visiting Jenny. I kept meaning to turn off that darn captcha thingy; now I have. I'll be back to have some "T" will you shortly.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Jenny, I linked up late, but I did visit almost all of the other posts, so please don't mark me tardy! I'm hoping you do the color parties this summer as you have in the past! Linda

21 Wits said...

Holy cow! It's just Thursday morning and I'm like # 53! I am a trooper though (really really Jenny) and do try to make everyone's post! Way more than 10!! Sometimes though, the real late ones get seems life just keeps swirling along and we sail away quickly!

Susan Anderson said...

Thanks, Jenny. T really works for me this week!


Nonna said...

Your reminder cut me to the bone because I have been a very bad reader for several weeks. I'm thinking maybe 1 meme a week is better fit for me since I find it hard to keep up and do the minimum !

Profuse apologies Jenny !


Annesphamily said...


To the Toy Box and Beyond said...

I dont have a word press account so anyone posting there I can't leave a comment (Two I have read so far)

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Thanks so much for your visit! Glad that my "Little Girl with Cheeks..." reminded you of your little Momo!

Have been away from blogging for a while. It was getting to be too much. Now I think that I want to focus on gardening!

Have a Happy Easter!