Monday, March 30, 2009

Defrag Disabled! On and Off out of order!

Uh oh. Any of you techie types out there who can tell me how to reset my defrag? Or to find the on/off switch to my brain. That has to be what is wrong with me. I think there’s a good chance I am factory imperfect. Sssshhh…. Don’t tell my Mom. I have been giving her grief for years for my quirky medical genes and now this!

I awaken from a sound sleep with my mind racing with things I need to do, things I could do OR things I forgot to do.

My mind starts humming away with little remembrances, words unsaid, too many words spoken or just plain ridiculousness. I mean seriously, do I really need to spent much brain power thinking about phrases to paint on a garden bench that I don’t even have?

If I could just find my “control” and my “alt” buttons I know I could power this cluttered brain of mine down. I’ve tried pressing on my nose while pulling on either earlobe but that doesn’t do it. I’ve felt all around on my skull but there are no magic buttons anywhere!

I think I’m going to write a well composed letter to my manufacturer and see if they can suggest anything to me. And obviously now I will spent a lot of time tonight instead of sleeping trying to compose the words just so.



Terri and Bob said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. I guess there is someone less smart than you about computers!

Allie said...

I am laughing my assets off! I can hardly wait until get here. Send Steve home, you are going to have to stay a few extra days. We are from the same bloodline! We are either going to get a ton of stuff done in a short amount of time, or absolutely nothing completed!! lol