Monday, March 2, 2009

The rest of the story

So... Steve forwarded this e-mail to me from his cousin who still owns and operates the Lewiston Tribune.

Great remembrance! You know, he might have died with your belt on.

I remember the Lewiston visit well. I was covering the Roundup and up to
my ears. Alice (this is Steve's Mom) gave me a phone call at something like 4:30p, inviting me and Nancy)(Nancy is the cousins wife) to the social at John (John is Steve's Dad) and Alice's. No, I said, but thank you; I explained there's no way I could get away. Yes, she said, you can
and you will.

So, of course, I did! I remember having two Scotches and then proceeding
to the North Lewiston park. John got me together with Paul Harvey for
about a five-minute chat. My remembrance, other than his personality and
golden voice, was this advice: Son, you've got a cigarette in one hand
and an alcoholic drink in the other. I suggest you never have either
again. Period.