Friday, March 27, 2009

Well Howdy

It's Friday. I'm happy. It's not very hot out today and we get irrigation and I am babysitting Morgan and Riley and it's just going to be a good day, darn it!

Steve is heading off to the doc soon for his foot booboo, I am working on an April Birthday list for my Chick friends AND did I mention it's Friday?

So I'm gonna get along like a good little dawgie (gosh, I haven't even been watching Westerns, not sure what is up with this) and drive my cattle out on the range.



Terri and Bob said...

You crack me up! Yeah for Friday!

Allie said...

Great -- we live how many states away and our Friday blogs are indentical -- well except for the "western" vocabulary, well and babysitting the reds, well and Vandy isn't going to the doctor today, but Lowe's ... okay so our blog is only similiar because we are both happy it's Friday! Have a great Friday dear cousin!

Allie said...

Identical -- not indentical -- and I can't spell and you can ... lol