Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm proud to be an American and...

...proud to be a Grandma especially today.

Our sweet little Riley (5 years old) often draws pictures for one of our friends sons - a man who has endured more pain, suffering and medical nightmares in his life with bravery, positive attitude and joy then anyone I have ever met.

With great concentration Riley spends hours, literally, drawing pictures that are "just perfect" for Mike. She knows how to spell his name now without a cheat sheet.

About a month ago Riley asked me if she could call him and talk to him. At the time he was in the hospital but she perservered. Since I usually babysit her on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (which are Mike's dialysis days) it just doesn't work.

Today we were coloring at the kitchen table and she sort of jerked up in her chair "Grandma!!!!! What is today ????" I said "Tuesday" to which she immediately replied "Let's call Mike! He will be at home today!"

So we did.

Riley wandered around the house chattering away about knowing how to do "Balleray" (Ballet) and I'm not sure what. Then she started singing one of her favorite songs to Mike "I'm proud to be an American"

Later when our mail came I got a letter in the mail from Mike's beautiful Mom, Mo. Such a coincidence so I gave it to Riley to open. It contained a picture (for a kind of pictoral index I'm going to build for our online friends group). Riley said "Oh, she is beautiful Grandma. She must be proud of Mike! And you must be proud of her!"

And she is. And she is. And I am.

And I'm also very proud that Miss Riley has such a beautiful, caring heart.

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