Sunday, March 15, 2009

How not to spend a Sunday!

You know that 25 pound box of Anaheim peppers I told you I got on Saturday morning. Well, I opened it this morning and realized that they were not going to keep super well in the garage since we're in the high 70's and so it began.

I took pictures but I'm too tired to post them.

I have lots and lots and lots of roasted anaheim chopped pepper muffins freezin' away.

That was seriously, totally a lot of work.

But it's done now and I conned Steve into renting Nights in Rodanthe (I might have forgotten to mention "chickflick" - o darn!).

Steve is out attempting to cook some funky stuffed peppers I thunk up on the grill.

Later tater.

Just not later anaheim pepper.

1 comment:

SweetMelissa said...

Sorry you had such a busy Sunday, but I was lazy enough for the both of us! Ugh..back to work tomorrow.