Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a fine Friday night

It was a good day. Busy but good. It started with a lovely, slow walk through the garden...Come along with me here!

and then segued to lots of little girl time. First took Riley and Morgan to Barnes and Noble for story/craft time, then we stayed and read on the comfy couches, got them a treat at Starbucks, picked up Julia for early out school, went to Chick Fil A and they ate and played on the playground and then we went to Morgans ENT surgeon.

Morgan was pretty nervous all day about going to the Doctor. She kept saying "I no go hopsital." I kept telling her the Doc was just going to look at her throat. When I told her it was time to leave her lip came out and her eyes filled with tears.

She was awfully stand-offish during the exam but after she realized it was over and there were no shots or catheters or horrible pain she lightened up and said goodbye to the poor Doctor.

He gave her a clean bill of health.

I'm off to bed. We have an early pick-up for our organic food co-op basket and I have lots and lots to do over the weekend.


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