Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

But I refuse to put on a sweater because, hey, I live in Arizona and, hey these five months are our reward for tolerating blood boiling temperatures all summer long.

Morgan is doing wonderfully. Hooray. Her voice is still very high and sweet and it just melts my heart to talk to her.

I'm getting annoyed. In part it's because I've not had any coffee yet since Mr.-sleep-until-noon (OK, technically it's 7:30 but that's still pretty darned late for our household) has not yet made it but it's more then that. It's family stuff.

Our family is loosing touch with each other. It's horrible.

I IM'd my younger sister yet and she didn't know Morgan had been in the hospital. Not that the whole family communication is all about me but, darn it, I think we all need to know more about what's going on.

Since I have the biggest mouth I think I'll just write everything I know here until I can find a way to get a participatory thing going.

1. Dad has got some lung thing going on. He is coughing and stuffy.
2. Aunt Sharon (who was visiting my parents with her husband John and got deathly ill to the point that she was admitted to a hospital in Kansas on the way home) seems to be doing better
3. Mom is having eye surgery this coming week. I want to say it for glaucoma but we talked about it while I was on severe sleep deficit so now I forget ....d'oh)
4. Jessie is doing good. Kevin is traveling some for his job. Their house is looking neat and Jessie is doing a lot of gardening (I'm ahead of her, though, hee hee)
5. Chris and Lindsey are settling into Tucson and Chris is pretty overwhelmed at work. Lindsey (at this writing) had not found a job yet and is wondering if she will be able to continue on her education path if the school there closes.
6. Becky and Mike are engaged.
7. Ben is settling into college and starting to travel with the team. He is having some health problems. Poor feller.
8. Sam is playing ball and that's all I know about Sam.
9. Julia is done with basketball and I'm not sure if she loved it but she sure improved since she started.
10. Riley's soccer season will be over next Saturday but she will start spring league in April.
11. Dan and Emily are still getting married the end of May. I don't think they know where they are doing their residencies.
12. Tom and Kris are continuing with their wedding plans. Knowing Kris this will be a serious (and wonderful) event
13. Steve's foot hurts.
14. Oskars stomach hurts from eating trash yesterday. Dumb dog. Actually he must not be because he figures out how to get the child-safe latch up on occassion. Sigh.
15. Greg is home from Vegas for a week.
16. I'm continuing on my paint the house, stain and varnish the woodwork, whine about all the stuff I just can't figure out how to do project! Actually it's fun,though.
17. Oh, and the roses are almost ready to bloom.
18. Jim and Steff will be in Tucson mid-march and then here for a day or so. I'm too lazy to look in my e-mails for the actual dates.

Well, gee, this is just kind of boring. But, hey, I did my part for family communications. So there.

I smell coffee! Bye for now!


Carol said...

My honey does sleep until noon...he stays up until 4 am, I let him. Where in Kansas is Aunt Sharon? What hospital?

SweetMelissa said...

Too funny, Jenny. I could do this too..if only my family looked at my blog!

Allie said...

I looked --- and I liked the update! Thanks!

Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

Thanks for the mega-update! :) Why does Greg have to go back to Vegas?