Friday, April 2, 2010

I have succumbed to the dark side...

Here it is, days before Easter and I have fallen into that trap that so many women do.

I have become infatuated with a "bad boy" in my life.
Instead of focusing on fluffy little bunnies and making more decorated sugar cookies lightly scented with almond since we're down to the last one, my thoughts are consumed with a bad boy other then my husband.

Who is not a bad boy, by the way.

And who would have absolutely no idea how to even go about being a bad boy.

Poor me...sigh...

So... yesterday I was finally forced to tell my husband what was going on with me.

For the past several weeks I have been spending hours each day in my office...WITH THE DOOR CLOSED!

My husband has been tapping lightly on the door saying "do you need anything in there?" when he is really just trying to find out what I'm doing.

Because I am an open door kind of person, generally, but when the dark side came into my life I became more secretive...and perhaps even a bit selfish.

So I finally let him come in and introduced him to my "bad boy". He wasn't even slightly jealous. Which kinda/sorta confused me a little bit.

I'm thinking maybe he has a "bad girl" on the side, too, but that is a topic for another day.

For now I am using my laser-like focus to finish this story for you.

Hmmm.... let's see...knocking on the door...bad boy...husband...oh yea...ok...

So since my husband has met him and he's kinda/sorta out of the closet I'd like to introduce you to my bad boy, too.

Because some of you really, really need him in your life. And you know who you are.

OK, everybody. Meet Dr. Wicked.

Dr. Wicked, meet everybody!

Gee. Didn't that just give you a little shiver up and down your spine?

My infatuation with Dr. Wicked goes way beyond the attraction I feel just by hearing his name.

He is sarcastic and rude and makes horrible noises but he is very, very smart.

And he invented something I am totally into.

So how can I not succumb to the dark side with all this. Yup, this bad boy is the thing that has kept me up hours later then my usual wild 8:30 bedtime!

There are all kinds of cool settings to make you pick your word count, your time limit and then the mode. You can go all the way from a gentle pop up box reminder to noises and flashing lights to having your work erase itself if you don't write fast enough.

It's not for editing. It is only for writing. And that is really the point of it. To eliminate all the excuses and to just write. And to make you just write what it's in your head and not sit around thinking about whether you should be spelling the word as "than" or "then" ...

I definitely need a bad boy in my life keeping me heading toward my writing goals.

And you might, too. So, since I'm all about kindness here I will share Dr. Wicked's address with you.

Just click here to see what it's all about.
But listen. Please don't call Dr. Wicked on Tuesday and Thursdays. Those are my days with him.

And although I'm willing to share him I'm not willing to give him up entirely.

And to certain readers, and you know who you are...

just. go. write.

You have the talent. Now you have the bad boy.

just. go. write.

OK, I'm done being nice here.

And, no, you can't have the last sugar cookie.


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Theresa said...

Well if there is anyone who could write, it would be you:) I did go look and when it said something about punishment if you stopped writing... I got the heck outta there. Enjoy your day with the bad boy:) Hugs!!!!!

Linda said...

OHHH Jenny, I was thinking much more along the lines of Keifer Sutherland and 24 which can be very addictive and once you start a season on DVD you can't stop and people keep knocking on the door wondering what all that commotion is about...sigh...maybe I will check out your bad boy, but writing? me???

Julie Harward said...

LOL..yes my daughter does this..she is the fastest typist/writer in 50 years of her high school, at least thats what the teacher told us! I like the picture of The Fonz..I'd like to climb on behind him and go for a ride! Come say hi :D (my new post is not showing up on blog lists)

Anonymous said...

Me likey! I might have to make an appointment with the good doctor ;)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You are hysterical... now go enjoy that bad boy!! LOL

Amanda said...

Wow, that's quite the 180! A couple of days ago you were all about kindness -- now you're "done being nice"! Alas, you won't be the only girl led astray by a bad boy....

Darcie said...

You know the way you write you have a way of sucking us all in and wondering just where in the world the post is going to go. LOVE IT. On my way now to check it least you know where I am going. ;-)

Janiece said...

I was really begining to wonder where you were going...hehheeee

Diana said...

Well will just have to go see what all of the hub bub is about!
Love Di ♥

Tina said...

Um, yes ma'am. You had me at bad boy, with Bruce playing in the background. Heading for the doctor now. :-)

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Dang, girl! It is almost 4.30 am , I was just about to go to sleep and then I saw your post came up and thought... OH MY!
LOL... you NEED to get a LIFE! Just kidding...
You trying to avoid doing some Easter chores again?
Happy Easter to you , yours and your family!
Stay blessed and ah.. PLAY SAFE AND NICE?
hugs with lotsa love,

Ms. Anthropy said...

Can't do it, not gonna do it, no way. I don't need anything else to steal my time and consume me.

My Grama's Soul said...

Once again dear have out done yourself.

I don't think there are many women out in blogland who can match your creativity or your sense of humor.




Mighty M said...

I really thought you were talking about chocolate or jelly beans. That's just how I roll.

But this sounds super cool - I know there is a good writer in me, but I never take the time or effort to find her!! This seems like something that would help me find some "words". :)

grammy said...

So funny
Good thing Safari would not let me get there
it probably would not work for me since I type Slow.
peck peck slow
but there is a writer inside of me pecking to get out (o:.

Lourie said...

James Dean, The Fonz, bad boys...I am instantly flooded with visions of Josh Hollaway as James "Sawyer" Ford on LOST. Talk about a bad boy! Hahahaha. I think I would sweat if I was being timed on my writing. I like the word count feature tho. Cool.

I am following you now! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny.
I can't imagine my writing getting erased if I was to, I would not have a blog. ;)

Mumsy said...

I like how you made even bad boys sound irresistibly good, and weave in such great humor.

Charmaine said...

You're kind of..uh brilliant.

Patti said...

for a few seconds you had me feeling sorry for Mr. Matlock...hehehe

Patti said...

for a few seconds you had me feeling sorry for Mr. Matlock...hehehe

Rustique Gal said...

Jenny, You had me going there for a minute or two. Anyway, your writing is great-you are so funny! Have a blast! Sherry

Jennifer said...

Oooh, a bad boy, huh?

I don't know if I've ever fallen for a bad boy, necessarily.... Gotta' say that Robert Downey Jr. does make my heart swoon when he plays Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark. :)

I just lied to you: I have fallen for a bad boy.
I LOVE Johnny Depp. Have for a while...
The bad boy I love him as: Sweeney Todd.
Does that make me sound dark and gruesome?

But boy do I love Mr. Todd...

Vicki said...

Ya, if anyone needs a bad boy in her's ME! Thanks Jenny...going to visit the dark side (o:

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jenny,

Why do the bad boys always seem more fun, Johnny Depp, springs to mind.

Have a very happy Easter.

Sares said...

Whatever floats your boat girlfriend! It sounds like fun, if you like to write, which by now I have discovered that you VERY much DO!

Tgoette said...

Hey Jenny, you're bad boy sounds really interesting! I can definitely use some angry sumbitch hovering over me and making me write while casting aspersions at me and calling my birth legitimacy into question. Or whatever. Thanks for the great tip!

My name is PJ. said...

Matlock, I'm just so proud of you for rising to the occasion and letting it rip! Lord knows, you have more interesting things floating around in your brain than most of us!

You must have perfected replacing sleep with sticking your finger in a socket to recharge.

I'll never understand how you do all you do. :)

Jilly Moo said...

Oh no...something else on the internet for us to get addicted to! Just what we need! Thanks a lot ;)

Brenda said...

As if I needed more stress in my life. HAHAH! Forget it buddy; you keep that wicked Bad Boy. I'm a slow and steady kind of gal. =)

Rock and roll pirate said...

Very intriguing---I just don't know if I have room for one more "bad boy" in my life :)