Saturday, April 3, 2010

Re-gifting Wonder

Earlier this week I was given a beautiful gift.

The gift wasn't wrapped and I couldn't even touch it.

But it was a gift, nevertheless.

Because it filled me with a sense of wonder and awe.

And although I am unsure of the etiquette of re-gifting wonder and awe I asked the lovely person who gave me the gift and she said it was OK.

And so I want to give it to you.

So often during the day I read words that move me.

And I have been selfish so far and not shared them with you.

But I am going to change that and this first re-gifting to you is one that is absolutely lovely and filled with a sense of faith and kindness that seems to be perfect for this season of re-birth and unfurling.

Thank you Renee' for letting me share your words.
Please click here to visit Renee's post.

And I hope the rest of your day is filled with joy.

The rest of mine will probably be filled with grocery shopping, cleaning and working in the garden.

OK, that sounded pretty ambitious. The rest of my day will probably be more realistically filled with thinking of all those things while I'm reading my "can't-put-down" Jodi Picoult book that a sweet friend shared with me.

What's on your list for the day?

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Nora Johnson said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by on Thursday!
You asked about my psychological suspense novel, *The De Clerambault Code*! I'm sure your husband will love it too as it's sold extremely well both in the US & UK! Also all profits go to a wonderful hospice charity here in Spain for U.S.A. & UK expats! You asked for details where to get it. It's available in the US on (link below). All the amazing independent reader reviews of it are on (there's direct link to the page with these reviews in my sidebar over at my place!)

The link is:
The De Clerambault Code

Hope this helps! Do let me know if you need any more info!
XOXO Nora:)
PS Love Alphabe-Thursday! Great meme!

Dawn said...

Wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog:Dawning

I was wondering if going for ice cream at midnight is wrong... does Easter start at midnight or after church??? If after church perhaps the 6:30am service is in order...hmmm?

I used to breed and raise small parrot species. Never was a fan of budgies, but they are truely intelligent and beautiful birds. And there is a huge wild population living in West Virginia of all places! that I watched every summer as a child.

Never loose your ability to appreciate wonder and awe... it's a gift in itself.

Christy said...

Thanks for regifting this story. It is a perfect story for today.

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Very sweet of you to bring us the story...
Very touching indeed.
You have a great Easter now...
For awhile I really thought that you were
going to attempt to do all those chores.. WOW..
LOl.. Love you anyways.
Happy Easter, my love!

Christy said...

perfect story....what a wonderful re-gift!

Paula said...

what an adorable story! My day will be about as ambitous as yours:) too sunny to worry about anything!

LemonyRenee' said...

Jenny, I'm so pleased you enjoyed my story and am honored you chose to highlight it here.

Happy Easter.

GFDINER - Kathy said...

Love it. This started my day off wonderful and will continue. I'm off to make the ham and attempt an Easter Peeps cake. All will be gluten free. Tomorrow I will be a bum with a great book I found in my basement this week. THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF THE BORROWERS from 1961 - One of my childhood books. There is lots of dogs to keep me company. check out my new blog from NO COLORADO. Happy Easter One and All.
aka kathy

Vicki said...

You're just awesome...nuf said.

I had great plans today..see my CHANGE blog to learn why they umm..changed :P

So I'll clean and hope....

Have a fun one yourself Jenny.

G-Zell said...

Very Sweet! I hope you have a wonderful Easter!@ :)

Country Dreaming said...

Have a beautiful Easter Saturday.
Come by and see what I'm up to.


Julie Harward said...

Thanks for sharing the sweet story. Have a wonderful Easter my friend :D

Jo said...

Jenny, what a wonderful re-gift ... that story was so wonderful! I will be busy making more of those mini easter baskets today ... and maybe hopping out to pier 1 & ikea ... Have a wonderful easter!

Theresa said...

Sweet story Jenny about that beautiful parakeet:) Children DO have faith that we all should have. Have a blessed day my friend, put that book down and get yourself busy! Hugs dear Jenny Matlock, my friend!

kim said...

So far today I took Miss Bailey to the park for a walk much needed by both of us. I went to an antique mall/flea market and scored some old books that I have started collecting and a white coffee pot which I am also collecting. In between road trips I am doing the laundry, too. Have a wonderful rest to the weekend and Happy Easter....Kim

Catherine said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet gift, Jenny!

I've done my grocery shopping for the day, I should spend the afternoon cleaning house; but instead I'll probably sneak outside and pet the plants and dig in the dirt ... which will mean I'll be up at midnight cleaning house and cooking for tomorrow (sigh).
Happy Easter!


grammy said...

I am going to go over and read that (o:
I just finished 'House Rules'
Is that the one you are reading. it is the newest.
Now I have to find a new one to take it's place. I have always been interested in Autism, so this has really filled me up with facts. I will say nothing

RNSANE said...

Thanks for the referrel to Renee's post. It was very sweet...too bad we don't retain that childlike faith!

Dee said...

Thanks for sending me to Renees post...adorably sweet! My day is a day of relaxing and fighting off the jelly bean urge. Easter blessings!

Brenda said...

Oh man my weekend list is always way to long for me to accomplish before the work week starts again. But I did get the trim painted that my husband cut for the kitchen, some new pictures in frames, salad and desert made for tomorrow's dinner. But there is still about 8 things left and I need to realize that they will move on over to next weeks list because I am visiting with my children and grandchildren while they are here tomorrow! Yeah! Have a wonderful Easter!

Susan said...

I did lots of sewing today. I know we are having a guest for dinner tomorrow, but I just can't bring myself to clean any more.
I would like to go on strike, but then again, I am a mom.
Happy Easter Bloggy Friend,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Jenny

I loved Renee's post! Such a touching and beautiful story..thanks!

I hope that you and your family have a very blessed and happy Easter!

xoxoxo Pat

Busy Bee Suz said...

Thank you for sharing Jenny.
I have been working on a post about my past pet parakeet...but I am sad to say it is not as sweet as this one.
Happy Easter.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

PS Don't eat too many jelly beans!


mrs. c said...

Thank you for regifting Renee's sweet story. Children are a constant wonder and have such a light about them. We have a book that my assistant writes in every time something happens in our classroom, many times it is something they say but often it is something they have done. Each week one child makes cards for those that are absent and this has become a very "sought after" job because when the absnet child returns you get to give them the card So sweet that we take taht extra minute to think about others, kinda like you have with me! Thanks Jenny Matlock for your kindess!

My name is PJ. said...

Matlock, I spent much of the day reading Jodi Piccoult's newest, "House Rules"!

Maggie B said...

Lovely story, glad you regifted it to ua all.