Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Centus - If I had a hammer

This post is a continuation of my pumpkin story from Saturday Centus. Week 22 had a pumpkin patch prompt and the first story, in italics, is from that SC. To visit other links using the prompt "If I had a hammer...", click here.

“Listen,” I said with gritted teeth. “Just give us one more month! I heard about a job…”

“I’m sorry but there are no more extensions,” interrupted the smug banker in the polyester suit.

I lowered my head and softened my voice to a plea. “Listen, I’m begging you, just let our daughter harvest her 4H pumpkin crop before you evict us. Please. She’s worked so hard on this.”

“No. More. Extensions. You will vacate the premises by Friday morning or we will have you removed from the property.”

I slammed the door, hard, on the way out of his office.

Week 23

She was waiting in the kitchen when I walked in. Her hopeful face fell when she saw my face. “Did you tell them about that job?” she asked in a tiny voice.

I spoke carefully, “Yea, honey, but he said we're out this weekend.”

Her eyes grew frantic. “What about the pumpkins? What about…”

I interrupted her gently. I tapped on the door frame that contained the careful pencil marks recording our childrens heights.

If I had a hammer…” I said, pointing to one of our irreplaceable treasures, “…I could just pull this board right off and we could take it.”

She ran to get one.

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Kat said...

Oh goodie! I was afraid she was going to take the hammer to the evil banker guy. This is much better. Although I'd probably keep the other option open ....Kat

Pat Tillett said...

I have a piece of door trim in my garage that we took with us after we had to move many years ago.
the kids are all grown and on their own, but it still get kinda weepy when I look at it...

nice writing...

Sue said...

Nice touch, Jenny. The height evocative for a mom.

Subtle and beautiful.


Ames said...

We had growth marks on our door jambs too. It was sad having to paint over them when we were readying dad's house for a sale. Even worse is driving by and seeing someone else living in the house I grew up in.~Ames

Cheryl said...

What a great continuatin of the previous post. Both so believable and rich.

cj Schlottman said...

Jenny, the image of the growth board going with your character is so heart wrenching. the entire story tugs at my heart strings.

thanks for another wonderful centus..........cj

Terra said...

OH YEAH! This is fun...I like reading the story in continuance...

Willoughby said...

I had to go back to previous posts, but I think I'm all caught up now! Great story, I love your writing!