Sunday, February 1, 2009

The amazing magnetic girl

She clings, she sticks, you cannot escape her.

It's Julia. My little magnetic Red. At the tender age of only six she has a degree in synchronized roll an inch, she rolls an inch, you move your leg, she moves her leg.

It's astounding. It's awe inspiring. It's annoying.


The girls spent the night last night and Little Miss Morgan snores so darned loudly (pending her ENT exam tomorrow) that it almost shakes the windows. Riley can sleep through it but Julia cannot.

So at midnight she ended up bed with Steve and I. From midnight on whatever I did, she followed. When I went to the bathroom I opened the door to find her outside waiting, when I went down the hall for a glass of water I had a little shadow.

Now some cuddling is good but the whole lycra-Grandbaby thing is a bit much for a woman in menopause.

But we survived the night. We had a good morning. Read, worked on homework, walked the dog, went to the playground, had a picnic, went to the gas station and got candy and then it was nap-time.

Steve and I were both tired and he said "you lay down with the older girls and I'll lay down with Morgan" and I told him "NO! I'll risk the snoring. I need to have a little bit of room"

and I peeked in there now and both girls are huddled against him like he's the only heat source available in a blizzard.

Morgan is rattling the guest room windows

...and I am at my computer without my amazing magnetic girl.

And, somehow, I miss her.


Terri and Bob said...

This story could be in a magazine. Love the ending.

FarmerFamily5 said...

That is sooo true!!! Ha! She did that to me this morning!