Sunday, February 8, 2009

Non-sunny Sundays are a good thing

It's raining! It rained all night! I love rain! My garden loves rain! All the little plants and seeds in the garden love rain! Uh oh, I suspect all the weed seeds lying dormant in the garden love rain but I DON'T CARE! I'm still happy!

I got a bunch more things planted in there yesterday which is exciting. I need more garden space. If you ever want to buy me a gift you can buy me an acre garden plot. OK, I guess that's too greedy. I'll settle for a half an acre!

I'm going to wade out there in a little bit and take a few pictures of the beautiful green growth going on everywhere.

We're going to head up to wayyy far North Scottdale today to the house of some new business friends (who are turning into regular friends, too) Steve Foster is active in Selway now and is, in fact, in China putting together a telecom deal. He is a funny guy, dry and clever with an underlying gentleness that puts you at immediate ease. He is obviously very bright and driven and Steve and I both enjoy being around him very much. His wife, Toni, is super-neat, too. The only really bad thing about her is that she is gorgeous....sigh....but other than that she is really fun to be around. One of my mid-life challenges is to only hang out with people that look more exhausted and older and fatter then me (a challenge that is failing horribly so far but I persist in this attempt) She is dismantling their home here to move most things back to Oregon and is going to China to live with Steve. They are very adventurous and do all kinds of neat things like this.

OK, the rain has stopped, I'm stealing Steves camera and heading out into the great, wet backyard!

Oh, and did I mention IT RAINED!

(I guess you have to live in AZ to really appreciate the enormity of this statement)

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I hope you post a picture on your blog!

I got your email. I'll send a valentine.