Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Open wide...yes please!

So...I hauled little blonde, pig-tailed Morgan and beautiful strawberry-blonde Riley to the ENT to meet their Momma for a little tonsil/ear check out.

The trip there was fraught with their little anxieties involving shots and other terrors of the medical profession. We arrived early and headed in with Morgan clinging tightly to one hand. Riley walked beside me carrying a little potted bright pink tulip as a thank you for the scheduler who had worked with our son to get the girls in quickly.

It took us a few moments to get settled with books and potty visits and my daughter-in-law arrived shortly after and they took us all back almost immediately.

Morgan climbed onto my lap and Riley climbed onto Megans. The doctor came right in and it was wonderful see such a pleasant, calm, patient manner.

He asked about each girls problems and decided to examine Morgan first. Megan and I switched girls and Morgan sat their expectantly with her little blue eyes bright with worry and curiousity. Her chubby little hands were clasped lightly in her lap. The doctor asked her if he could look in her ears and she replied "yes, please" and turned her head so he could see. He seemed a bit surprised with her cooperation. Next he asked her if he could look in her throat and the polite little child said "yes, please" and opened up wide. Again, he seemed surprised and said that most children are not usually so cooperative.

He acknowledged her tonsils were quite enlarged and discussed possibilities of removing them and the pros and cons of waiting until she turned three.

Then we all moved to the adjoining room and Riley was just as cooperative. She climbed up, made herself comfortable on the table and held perfectly still as he checked her ears and removed wax from them. The doctor again complimented Riley on how well she behaved. He agreed that her ear drain needed to be re-inserted and the nurse then took her off for a hearing test. (which she passed with flying colors)

Megan and I sat outside on a bench afterward and the two little ones ran up and down, joyous in their escape. The late afternoon sun illuminated their shiny little pony-tails as they raced up and down, laughing, teasing each other and just being wonderfully happy little girls.

I headed home, again counting my blessings to have these amazing little souls in my life.

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Terri and Bob said...

Yes, you are one lucky woman!