Friday, February 6, 2009

Good morning!

It's going to be a crazy day but HI! This morning is cleaning up, trying to finish a ZSQ (about 15 minutes of sewing left I think) laundry, doctors, picking up little girls AND grocery shopping (with said little girls) I'm hoping to get my car washed when I get the girls home but that might be just a wish!

Sharon is not feeling much better (our Aunt that is visiting and staying with my parents with Uncle John). Poor thing. It must be rotten to have bronchitis on vacation.

Steve's foot is still hurting so he can't walk with me.

I think Curves lies. It is not to supposed to make you sore. Two times in and I AM SORE! Arrrrggh. But I like it - or I would if I wasn't sore!

OK, gotta keep to my schedule and I'm already 7 minutes into my plan of getting a bunch of stuff done in a little bit o' time.

Have a happy day. If you're bored come help me with mine!

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