Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm baaaackkkk....

Good morning! I am un-pretzeled now and feel quite a bit more's amazing what two cups of full-on caffeine does for you (shhhh, don't tell my naturopath or Steve)

We successfully implemented getting one little girl ready for school and one little 2 1/2 year old out the door accompanied by much resistance (she needed more time with Grandpa she says)

AND...I must say that all the years I have dealt with the grief and sorrow over my failure at being unable to style my daughters hair into some semblance of cuteness (other then just brushing) was NEVER MY FAULT AT ALL! I am the master (well kinda sorta) of styling curly hair. Julia wanted her hair done a specific way AND I DID IT AND IT WORKED AND IT EVEN LOOKED REALLY CUTE. Morgans hair was pretty marginal but I don't care BECAUSE IT'S NOT MY FAULT. STRAIGHT HAIR CANNOT BE STYLED. (well, at least by me - yea, I am pretty much a rockstar of low pony-tails on curly haired little girls)

Because I am married to the most wonderful guy in the universe I even had time to cut Julias lunch sandwiches into heart shapes AND find a valentine napkin to put in her lunch.

We met up with Megan partway to school to hand-off reluctant Morgan and excited Julia (it's Valentine party day) and poor Riley was looking really awful after her ear tube procedure. Poor little fella. She was all pale and shaky and said her head hurt. I told Megan to get her a little bit of coke to see if that would help. I'll give you an update on this poor little sweetie later when I have one.

For now I am climbing back into bed for a little bit and then it is working on the back porch.

We were going to meet Sara and her beau for coffee but I want to keep my time totally uncommitted in case Megan needs help with Miss Riley.

I am going to finish the big paper mache sun recontruction project today no matter what. I'm tired of seeing all the paints, palette paper, towels and junk all over the back porch.

Have an un-pretzel-y day everyone.

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