Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gwamma you wead ?

So.... yesterday I had Morgan and Riley here and for some reason my stomach was sort of sick so I was running to the bathroom a lot. Morgan usually tries to run with me but I kept locking her out which was ticking her off.

We were reading books and I told her I would be right back.

A short time later I hear a little tap at the door... tap, tap, tap...

Me: Yes
Morgan: me it is Morgan Gwamma
Me: Hi Morgan, go play, I'll be right out.
Morgan: Gwamma wead (read) ?
Me: Yes Morgan, I'll be right out and read to you.
Morgan: tap, tap, tap
Me: Yes Morgan.
Morgan: Gwamma? Me you wead book?
Me: Yes, Morgan I'll be right out.
Morgan: Be wight back Gwamma.
patter, patter, patter
A short time later a book comes sliding under the bathroom door.
Morgan: Gwamma, you wead me now?
Me: Ummm... Morgan...I'm in the bathroom. I'll read to you in a minute.
Morgan: Gwamma? See book? Read book? See book on de floor?
Me: OK, MOrgan, I give up, I'll come out now.

She's sweet. and persistent. and did I mention sweet?

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Allie said...

LMAOOOOO I thought Morgan was saying it's me "Morgan Gwamma" her first name and her last name!! Thanks for the giggle this morning!