Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunny Days and Wednesdays...

...always make me smile.

Today started with Steve waking me up to send me for bloodwork. I had a great blood guy today and then I decided to take a little walk around the ruins by the old hospital. I have to be honest I am never super impressed with Hohokum ruins (ssshhh...don't tell the historians). I realize these are around 800 years old but I always have this memory of the Mayan ruins in Mexico and Steve comparing our teepee/mud ruins here in the US with these massive, intricate stone structures.

Then I got to meet up with Roxie for a long, long breakfast at Mimi's. As always we talk, laugh, cry, talk, discuss, intellectualize and wayyy too much time goes by wayyyy too fast.

But the cool thing at breakfast was our waiter. He had this wonderful, vibrant baritone voice and we started chatting about American Idol and he told us all about his experiences trying out for the show 4 years ago in Las Vegas. Apparently there are five rounds of auditions in front of some pretty tough British music judges. He said it was surreal from the aspect of so many people are so focused on making it onto the show that they are beyond devastated when they are rejected. It seems that the comic relief contestants on the show are almost "aural cleansers" (you know, like palate cleansers for the gourmet". I suspect that after you listen to about 10 greast singers you can't hear them anymore.

I've been home for awhile now and hoed about 1/4 of the garden. What great therapy. Now Steve wants to go run around in the Jeepster so I think cleaning the house and laundry can wait yet again.

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Terri and Bob said...

I know what you mean about having good blood guys. Right now I have blood drawn from my heel since my arms and hands are so hard to draw. Ouch.