Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's the Third day of Pre-school!

You know, I was all emotional on the first one, still a bit weepy on the second one and today I sent my husband off to take MoMo to preschool! Time heals all wounds obviously. First she had to have her "biteman" (vitamin) and her apple joose and she was still a yittle bit hongwy. And then armed with her new backpack, sunglasses and hat she and Gwampa rode off into the sunrise in the Jeepster.

And I came into my office to post these pictures and I saw the corner of my desk! Yikes! I see the seed catalogs that need ordered from, a fabric bill that needs paid, stuff to make hangtags to replace the ones I did all wrong, photos to load AND the October "Book in a Week" schedule (hey, why do you ask? No, I am not a classic over-achiever! Geez!)

And now I am off to take advantage of two hours sans Miss MoMo.

I already miss her. Sniff, sniff!


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Mardell said...

Aaaww! That has GOT to be THE cutest pic EVER (of Steve & Mo in the Jeepster!!) I just love it! Glad to hear that you're doing better w/the "separation anxiety." :o) I swear that girl was just born the other day ~ truly, I do.