Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The story of the napkins...

It's quirky but not really funny.

Sorry for that. You'll have to get a knock-knock joke from someone else for a daily chuckle.


When two of our daughters got married I was insane enough to be the wedding planner. I did a good job but I looked fairly ridiculous at both weddings with half of my hair all pulled certainly didn't look like a good tease job.

When the first one got married her colors were lavender and sage green and I got the brilliant idea to make fabric napkins for all the guests and put fabric markers on the table along with a little sign inviting the guests to write a little message to the bride and groom. So in the midst of everything else I, along with anyone I could coerce into helping, sewed up a hundred and something napkins in various prints all using those colors. They were beautiful.

Afterwards I took the napkins home and made a quilt top out of them.

It wasn't a very good quilt top.

Probably because I'm not a very good quilter.

Also because some of the very drunk guests wrote some ... well ... ummm... pornographic messages on the napkins (and some even had pictures...blush, blush...and I think, but I'm not sure, that some of the things they drew were physically impossible)

But the thought was great. My execution was poor. And I ended up with a lovely leftover stack of napkins in gorgeous co-ordinating prints that I adore and use fairly often. I'm sure the bride and grooms dog appreciated the quilt top.

Flash forward 18 months and I did it again.

Although this time the wedding was in the fall and I used gorgeous fall fabrics, skipped the whole potential of pornography by not even putting fabric markers on the table, and ended up with a fabulous gift for the mother of the groom, grandparents and moi!

After the lovely event, I packaged up a set of the washed and starched fall napkins
with a lovely autumn ribbon bow, attached a little cheesy poem I wrote and everyone ended up with a lovely remembrance.

What's that?

What was the cheesy poem?

Well, of course I remember. It was only five years ago.


OK, it was something like....ahem...

Woven in this fabric
Are the memories of romance
When ____ and _____
Joined their lives
Wearing underpants.

Are you kidding? I can't remember what I ate for lunch. How would I remember what the poem was?????

It while it certainly wasn't this it was cute. Much cuter then the romance, underpants rhyme.

And I know I didn't hallucinate this whole thing in the midst of wedding chaos because my daughter and I still have the napkins to prove it.


So that is the story.

I am very clever to come up with that idea.

I am possibly brilliant.

Brilliant with a poor memory.

But I did remember this, though.

Knock, Knock?

Who's there you ask?

How do I know? I forgot that joke, too, right along with the poem.

Accck. Sometimes I scare myself.



Amy said...

Absolutely precious!!! I could look at a zillion more. Really!

Buckeroomama said...

It is a brilliant idea! I wish I had done that for my wedding. :)

Christina said...

I love your poem...and so will all of your grandchildren!
What a fun idea.