Monday, September 28, 2009

Life lessons 101

I have come up with the theory that all the problems in my adult life stem from one childhood incident.

And I need to share this with someone. And I guess that someone is you if you are reading this blog.

And if you are that someone I apologize in advance for any pain or emotional discomfort you might experience while reading this.

But some things just need to be said. And this is one of them.


This is hard.

Wow, harder then I thought to put it onto cold, hard paper.

But here goes...

When I was a little girl I had a 45 record by Shirley Temple. It was the song "On the Good Ship Lollipop". Do you know it?

It's definitely an "oldie". And I remember it as a "goodie" but it might not have been.

I remember it was a colored vinyl record. In my mind it was pink. Google tells me it might have been yellow. (yes, I googled it, silly. I am nothing if not a thorough, accurate and historically correct blogger)

But the point is, it wasn't black. It was a color. It was very pretty.

And I loved it.

I played it over and over again.

It gave me purpose. It gave me hope for the future.

When I listened to it all was well in my world.




My mother knelt on it and broke it into pieces.

I know.

Can you believe it?

I mean one minute there was Shirley hopping around on the good ship lollipop and in the next minute the music was gone.

Just gone.

In a blink. In a speck of time. In a mere moment my childhood world was shattered.

And I know you're thinking "what the heck is she talking about? This has to be something like 50 years ago or something." .... and you'd be right.

It was 50 years ago.

And I still remember it like, well, like it was yesterday.

But I ask you...if Shirley and her good ship could not survive in this world how can any of us be expected to?

But the amazing thing about all this suffering is that I have become a stronger person because of it. It has made me tough. It has made me able to go on when I feel like I can't possibly fight through another day.

And part of that strength comes from the lyrics. Powerful, powerful lyrics.

On the good ship lollipop.
Its a sweet trip to a candy shop
Where bon-bons play
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.

Lemonade stands everywhere.
Crackerjack bands fill the air.
And there you are
Happy landing on a chocolate bar.

See the sugar bowl do the tootsie roll
With the big bad devils food cake.
If you eat too much ooh ooh
You'll awake with a tummy ache.

On the good ship lollipop
Its a night trip into bed you hop
And dream away
On the good ship lollipop.


I know. You feel empowered now, too. And able to fight on through the ups and downs.

Hey, what are friends for.

And you are very, very welcome.



Carol said...

I love that song! I watched Shirley Temple movies when I was a kid. I think I may have been the only one in my grade who did, but I enjoyed them! Thanks for the memory...and sorry about your record!

Allie said...

Okay, I never liked Shirley Temple, WAY before my time, but I did think that Shirley Jones on the Partridge Family was a really cool mom and a Shirley!

Mardell said...

Wow...that was SURE some record! What a bummer that your mom didn't get you another one. :o( I can remember things so vividly as early as 3 or 4 yrs. old. Just goes to show you how important things are to a child ~ they'll remember it for a lifetime. That's what makes you one of the coolest Gwamma's in the world.

Tony, Jimi, Nicki, Joey, Ryan and Kaycee said...
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Tony, Jimi, Nicki, Joey, Ryan and Kaycee said...

Hmmm...this reminds me of the story my mom still talks about today. The story of when she had her sweet pet chicken...and her mean old great grandma (really, they say she was the meanest one ever...) SAT on her chicken...and killed it! Really.
Oh dear...dead chicken, crushed shirley temple record...kinda the same. Good thing your mom is nothing like my moms great grandma! I believe accidents happen...but not when you SIT on a CHICKEN!! Anyways, I think I would like to sing your song all day long. :) I loved Shirley Temple sorry for your loss!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh great, now I'm singing that song... I was a Shirley Fan back in the day, and I'll have that song in my head ALL day long now. Didn't she do some sort of pop with her finger in her cheek after she said "lollypop?" I seem to remember a movie where she did that...

You crack me up daily.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I loved to watch Shirley Temple in old movies on TV when I was a kid. I wanted to be her! Heidi was my favorte. I wonder if you can find that record on E- Bay?

Jana said...

Oh Jenny, I love you, and Shirley Temple I had some of her movies when I was little, I dont know what happened to them, I hope you find the record somewhere and can rock out old school style!!

Christina said...

I have about a hundred (well, maybe less) Shirley Temple videos that were my grandma's...and my daughter wants to watch them all the time. She's seen The Little Princess, and my two older kids have seen one about Susanna of the Mounties (?)-this made me think of them again. She was swell!