Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh Come on!

So... today I decided to tackle the glass tile backsplash and starting to repaint my kitchen/family/breakfast room area.

The bay window was hard but I figured the backsplash couldn't be any harder.

Boy, was I wrong. Just Bob at Home Depot lied to me. Here I was thinking I would leave my husband and run away with him so I could tile my way across the USA but it's all off now. Backsplashes. are. really. really. hard. Or I'm just really, really, really dumb.

So... there I was getting the painting done and getting ready to do the tile AND all the sudden I saw a cockroach. I kid you not! The exterminator guy said we might see a few more in the house so I am super, super cautious in my bathroom. But there I was just minding my own business and painting away and all the sudden it jumped out at me and tried to rip my throat out. OK, technically it didn't jump and didn't even come near my throat but it probably would have if I wouldn't have ran away really fast.

Here's my before the backsplash picture and I had to show you with an arrow where the evil 11" long cockroach was located.

OK, it probably wasn't quite 11" long, but still.

So after I screamed bloody murder and after my husband came running down the hall and after he disposed of the ugly little mutant I started attempting the backplash.

All I can say is Just Bob is delusional.

This little corner of the kitchen took me about four hours to complete and even then it looks kinda crappy. I'm thinking I might have to put a lot of tall stuff in front of it.

I mean, I love the concept but the execution leaves a bit to be desired.

But at least I tried it.

And at least I continued to do the project in spite of the grave personal danger I was in from the cockroaches.

And I only fell off the counter twice when I was trying to watch for cockroaches and put tile in place.

So... I guess I won't be coming to a tile store near you anytime soon to give product demonstrations.



Rachel said...

Hi Jenny,

I was just reading through Ree's post about the Giving Tree and read your comment. I just had to come say hi to the fantastic person who did what you did. What a blessing that will be on those special days. What a gift. Your comment made me cry. And I don't cry... ;)

God Bless.

Jana said...

jenny what comment number are you? on pdubs giving tree I wanna read it cuz obviously your a genius and Rachel thinks so too...I think the tile looks amazing!!! holy crap girl that was your first time with the threat of cockroaches dancing around your house....i think you did an amazing job...these are the tiles we bought for our backsplash...EXACTLY the same...except we did't get to put them up before we moved so now they are moving with us...weird. Still John my husband thinks you did a great job too...your husband should be proud!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks really, really lovely.

Do you want us to stalk Just Bob for you?

Way to go, you EMPOWERED WOMAN!!!!

MaryB. said...

Ok, so you've encountered one of my 'buddies' (the dreaded HUGE cockroaches ... yes we are 'blessed' as well.... Hate it when one emerges and chases you round the house!)As for the tiling... want another job? I need to do my bathroom (eventually. Looks great... putting tiles on a vertical wall is always more challenging than on a horizontal, flat surface.
Want I should come around and sort out 'Just Bob'?

Christina said...

It looks great!! And you are so brave for keeping on going after the roach incident...I would have shut off the kitchen and told my husband I wasn't cooking dinner in there for the rest of the time we lived in the house. I am an extremist.

Anonymous said...

(snicker, snicker) Love the backsplash, maybe I might try...hmmmm, maybe so...I'll have to think on it a little more...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jenny, that Anonymous one was from me, Roxie. computer skills are lacking...Roxie Again