Saturday, September 5, 2009

Knock, Knock...

Oh come on. Don't be that way. I know I just did a knock, knock joke in my last post but play along....ok? Pretty please?

OK, knock, knock.
"Who's there?" you say.
"Ima who?" you say.
Ima finally gonna put some tile in the bay window behind my kitchen sink.

Gee. That was hardly worth it.


I'm excited. Well, tired and excited. We got up a little before 5 am today to get part of the garden amended and tilled getting ready to plant fall and early Spring crops in a few weeks.

While we were hauling and swearing and sweating and spreading and swearing some more I decided that it would be a good rainy day weekend to finally, finally finish the baywindow behind my kitchen sink.

We had granite countertops installed several years ago but didn't think about the bay at the time.

Since then I keep it covered with this ratty little table runner thing that looks stupid and cluttery.

So today while my husband was returning the rototiller I went into the tile department at the Depot and met "Just Bob".

"Just Bob" hardly laughed at me at all and was very patient while I asked him 73,413 questions about putting some glass tile into that area.

"Just Bob" showed me grout and adhesive and sponges and all their little glass tiles and debated on grout color with me without even rolling his eyes ONCE! Not even ONCE I tell ya!

"Just Bob" helped me load my cart up with all the stuff I need and when Steve showed up to the tile department I think he was a bit scared. "Do you know how to lay tile?" he asked me. "Heavens no," I replied jauntily, "but Just Bob says I can do it!" "Hmmm," he said, "is Just Bob going to come and help you?" "Nope," I replied confidently, "I can do it by myself! (it came out sounding suspiciously like something our three year old granddaughter would say but I don't care). If Just Bob says I can do it, I can do it!

And now I have it home and it's gonna look luscious and I am only getting a teensy-weensy bit nervous.

But I'm ready to take on a new project and quit thinking about c-o-c-k-r-o-a-c-h-e-s!

Here's my tile and the stuff I need.

If you're not busy c'mon over!

And stop by Home Depot, please, and bring "Just Bob" along.

I think I'm gonna need him.


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Jana said...

OH MY GOSH....I totally have that tile!!! great minds my friend...super fun I cant wait to see your finished project, I like just bob I wonder if there is one at my Home Depot!!