Saturday, September 19, 2009

You know how fish kinda flop around...

...out of water, gasping for breath?

I think that's me today.

I'm tired. From my droopy it's-way-too-humid hair to my needing-a-pedicure toes.

We've had our youngest granddaughter every single day this past week PLUS her two older sisters from Thursday on.

The other set of Grandparents took them this morning after the soccer game.

But in this time period we have gone to gymnastics, gone to preschool, ran back and forth from the school pretending to be a school bus, ate dinners, breakfasts and lunches, had 4,317 snacks, swam, road bikes, went shopping for a new bike for the middle one, told lots and lots of stories, read a lot of books, had deep discussions about questions such as "what is there at the end of stars?", cuddled, watched E.T., watched soccer.

And now. I am doing a fish impression.

OK, I am technically too weak to lay on the floor and flop around so I'm just gonna sit here for a moment gasping for breath.

Because after the soccer game when we became sans small children we went to breakfast with our lovely, oldest daughter and her delightful husband, went shopping for a bench (my husband even went into Hobby Lobby without complaint), dropped off a bunch of donation fabric to a retirement community here that donates over 500 quilts a year to charity (and they wanted to show us about 177 of them individually), hand watered my bean, tomato and pepper plants AND picked up a huge bag of coffee grounds for the garden.

And now I have nothing funny to say. Nothing clever to say. Nothing witty to say.






Renae said...

Jenny, you can always put a smile on my face just by the way you perfectly describe how you are feeling, and I can totally relate to the flopping fish feeling most days! Just never, until now, was able to put a description to it! :)

Terri and Bob said...

I am the same way and I did not have the weekend you did! At least you have a really good excuse!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I know they can be exhausting but you are so lucky to have your grandchildren near by! I miss my little guy.

I put coffee grounds on my rhododendrons..they love the caffeine!