Saturday, March 13, 2010

Go Tell it on the Mountain...

My Mother used to sing this song when we were little.

And I remember it fondly.

Mr. Jenny however did not do his little "tell away" on a mountaintop...he simply sat in his office chair thinking deep thoughts and then wrote some answers for you. Actually, I tricked him into taking this picture telling him I was going to use it to make ... oh, never mind...

Anyway, here he is sitting in his office not thinking deep thoughts about me but rather thinking "why is she tricking me into sitting in this chair?"

But that's pretty much how our relationship rolls.

Yup, we're cool like that.

I trick him...he plays along.

Makes for a happy marriage!

Now, not so happy about my experiment into spousal blog-honesty is my very sweet friend Aunt Amelia. I have been laughing about her post about this exact subject since I read it. You might enjoy seeing it, too! Just click here if you'd like to read how this concept has rocked her world. And not in a good way. I love you Aunt A. Sorry to worry you!

OK, moving along...stay on subject...being focused as always...

I am posting Mr. Jenny's answers to questions verbatim. I have a lot of witnesses that heard him read these answers aloud last night so I can get statements of authenticy notarized...or something.

And here is the first set of their totally, unvarnished glory.

And please be aware.

No husbands were hurt to make this post.

Threatened, perhaps.

But not actually hurt.

With no further ado...I give you.... Mr. Jenny!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...
Questions for DH? Is she always this cheerful in the morning? Does she ever go to sleep at night? How many times a night does she wake you up with questions?

Yes, she is always cheerful in the morning. And she usually sleeps well through the night. But then there is that occasional and dreaded nocturnal, “Dear, can we talk?” Often well before dawn.

Lisa Anne said...
My questions is, what did you she do to trick you into actually taking part in this in the first place? You're never gonna give the right answer, it's like when a woman asks you if she's fat and you say no, she's not going to believe you. Good luck. LOL

It was no trick, I knew what I was getting into… and so far, I don’t see anything to pull me into the quicksand. Well, there are one or two trick questions, see below or tomorrow.

Melinda Cornish said...
Then I would like to ask the lucky Mr. Matlock what has been the most inane question that Mrs. Matlock has woken you up to ask you...just curious....really. kind of afraid to hear the answer too.....she has some doozys doesnt she?

Well, the recent ‘should I invite the ex to your funeral’ was kind of pushing the envelope.

Hmm…. Ah, wait, here is the winner: A few years ago she was suffering from some physical ailments that were pretty serious and at that time, undiagnosed by our esteemed seemingly quack medical community.

2 a.m.: Poke, poke, poke on the shoulder. “Dear, can we talk? If I die, you have to re-marry, you must, you cannot be alone, you would be absolutely miserable if you were alone. So I’ve arranged for one of my friends to be the candidate you should consider to marry after I’m gone. I know you well, and “____ “is perfect for you. You don’t’ have to marry her, of course, but she would be perfect, and you should think about it.

“I’ve talked to her, and told her what I am thinking about…. “

You what? Gulp. I’ve got to be dreaming, right? Nope.

That led to some interesting conversations. And I have to admit, I was a bit wary when I met that friend for the first time, several years later. Today we are all good friends,. But that idea and that particular late night conversations is long past.

Julie Harward said...
Ok for the question...Does Jenny drive you nuts sometimes or do you love her craziness?

I love this girl in every way. Craziness? NO! Jenny is unique, funny, thoughtful, provocative, and very intelligent. She uses those talents to tell her stories to you. She uses her humor, she uses her Kleenex emotions to tell stories that always have, and continue every day, to touch most of her readers in some emotional way. I guess that’s it: She touches -- she connects with you, her readers.

And she makes my life with her exceptionally rewarding. See the question answered about Who is the lucky one?

(Of course, some in the family are going to say at this point, ‘Boy, does she have you fooled!’ A comment that I have been hearing indirectly, and occasionly directly, for years. I have a non- PG rated message for those comments that I can’t/won’t relay here, a message that really isn’t very nice.

Then there was that comment a few years ago from several family members: ‘I just don’t understanding your writing.’ Man. That led to the now famous “Sigh” -- the sigh that really, just says everything you need to say. )

Jenny drive me nuts? No. Delight me? Yes.

Hi, it's me again!!!!

Do you see why I married this guy?

He is really supportive and kind and wonderful!

And we are off now for a busy and wonderful day with visiting friends!

Hope your day is wonderful, too!

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Jennifer said...

Ha, those were some good answers. :) He's a sweet dude.

Freely Living Life said...

Awwww. He sounds like a fantastic guy. <3 I love hearing happy marriage stories - there are not enough of them out here anymore it seems. Glad that Jenny and I grabbed two of the sweetest men left out here! *wink* Have a fantastic weekend you two! ((hugs))

Sh@KiR@ CK said...


I will never be able to make my DH sit or even take a picture . He may COOKED me first. lol

Happy Saturday 9!
Happy SS!
Happy Weekend Funnies!

Have a Wicked and Blessed Weekend!


Paula said...

oh how sweet and from the heart!! Jenny you're a lucky girl...keeping him I'm sure:)

The Muse said...

Today is our son's wedding:)
I am going to cry I just know it!
Popped in to say hello and had a great time reading the answers and questions.
Ah,inquiring minds (your students) want to know!!!

Hope your weekend is grand...on the mountain and off :)

Linda said...

Awww what a great guy! He loves you much dear girl!! Can't wait for more answers.

G-Zell said...

Awww he is a sweetie! You are so funny girl! The answers were great from him.....

You guys are so cute!

Theresa said...

Oh Jenny! Mr. Jenny is so sweet with all his answers:) Don't we just love our honeypies! Enjoy your day My Friend!

Julie Harward said...

What a sweet guy! I loved the honey, if I die thing...very funny! I guess if one wakes her husband up enough at night, there will be no snoring going on..right! LOL Come say hi :D

Julie Schuler said...

Husbands are the best friend, if you've got a good one that is, keep him!

Vicki said...

OH NO...I missed the last post to ask a question!!!! SO can I do it here?? huh, huh...PLEEZE?

OK, thanks! And I REALLY would like an answer to this one Mr Jenny....


Hope you two had a fun day..
You're BOTH keepers!

Dee said...

You have a great guy! This was fun.

Ms Sparrow said...

You're a lucky gal!

laterg8r said...

awesome of you to pick out his future wife :D

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Sounds like a pretty cool husband!

Stopping by from SITS. Welcome!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Diana said...

Well Jenny we are both very fortunate to have very loving and supportive husbands. Poor guys!
Love Di ♥

gayle said...

Cute post!! sounds like you are made for each other!!

Melinda Cornish said...

you are a talker and he is a charmer....a match made in heaven....I had to laugh about the you arranging his marriage when you were gone thing...When my mom was dying we ganged up on my dad one night and picked someone for him...the most unsuitable person in the world and we laughed our you knows off...My dad was so mad and the madder he got, the more we laughed until he ended up laughing is the totally ironic twist....about two years after my mom died, he started hanging out with her....I know my mom was grinning from ear to was just a friend thing, but still funny....when things are falling around your ears, a sense of humor helps.....tell the Mr. I appreciate his biased

Deb said...

awesome hubby...great answers

Wanda said...

You married well Jenny, but then... so did he!

mrs. c said...

It is wonderful to have such an open relationship, sin't it great fun to be married to your best friend! My hubby is such a dear and he puts up with my crazy ideas!He brought the plug in piece of my electric griddle to my pre-k classroom on Friday in the pouring rain becuase we were making animal-shaped pancakes and stayed and talked with my kids for a while, he then was so complementary of how I was teaching about water vapor and evaporation from cooking. It's so nice to be loved!

Terri and Bob said...

Yep, he's a keeper!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Maybe he should start blogging too. What a good sport agreeing to be a part of your blog and answering questions for you. By the way, I don't think anyone should be cheerful in the least not before the first cup of coffee.

My name is PJ. said...

Listen carefully. Do you hear it? Maybe you need to turn down the TV or tell the other people in the room with you to simmer down.

That's better! Now I know you can hear it. Do you know what IT is? It's the sound of women all over Bloglandia falling just a little bit in love with Steve.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

I've gotta' tell you, you two are quite the pair. My absolute favorite answer was the comment about inviting your ex to Mr. Jenny's funeral. You two must be a real hoot together. Keep 'em laughing.

~ Yaya
Yaya's Changing World

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

He certainly is a sweet guy.

And I'm married to a sweet guy too.

Thing is, we have been married since Nov. 1958!!! Add that up. It comes to over half a century. Believe you me, in over half a century, I've had a chance to be-devil-him plenty. And no way am I going to let him loose, with giving answers to my readers.

'Cause he's also a kidder. I shudder to think of some of the things he might say!!!!!! -shudder-shudder-shudder- Not that any of them would be true of course! Of course not. For the whole going on 52 years, I have been Purrrrrrrrrfect! >,-)))))))))))

But he just might *make up* some stuff.

So, no questions to 'Uncle A.'!


Gentle Spring hugs,
AKA 'Kristen'

misslynda said...

That was so precious!!!!! I am glad you let him write. And how many years have you been married? I forgot.

Justine said...

Woweee... these answers were even better!!!! Can I have your husband? Just for a few days, to see what that feels like?

Justine :o )