Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not Story-Time Tuesday BUT...

The other night I was getting ready for bed and Pearl shouted at me.

She told me, finally, what she wanted to say next.

I was relieved because I kept thinking Chapter 49 was actually the last Chapter of Writing Fiction.

And I was also relieved after I got over the whole 'a-fictional-character-is-yelling-at-me' creeped-out part that nobody with a cattle prod and a big hypodermic full of tranquilizers came to haul me away.

So yeah.

I wrote some on Chapter 50 on Monday, but I was pretty busy trying to check things off my list so I could attend a little blog meet-up on Tuesday in Tucson.

Busy, busy, busy.

But even with all the busy, I didn't actually accomplish anything on my list.

The guy at the plastic surgery consultation was a bust. APPARENTLY you can't actually go in the day before an event to get 15 years (and eye sagging removed). Who knew? Geez.

And the nice technician at the lipo place also had bad news. APPARENTLY you can't have 50 pounds surgically removed in 2 hours. Again, who knew?


APPARENTLY clothing stores no longer sell the amazing illusion girdle that makes you look like you're 5 sizes smaller than you actually are.

APPARENTLY clothing stores realized that women dying from being unable to inhale was a bad thing.

Like that really matters.


But, what the heck.

I'm gonna be brave and go anyway.

I figure if they don't recognize me or are shocked at my haggard and chunky appearance, I can always resort to sitting in my car and texting them 'sighs', 'so's..." and '...'s'.

It's good to have a contingency plan, don'tcha think?

I'll let you know how it goes. Unless it goes really, really bad and then I'll slink away into the night to comfort myself with something pumpkin-y and brown-sugar-y and will never be heard from again.


Talk about setting myself up for snarky remarks.

But you guys would never make a snarky remark to me. You're too sweet for that.

And I know that for a fact.


You really helped me clear my head and make a decision on the dark writing from "Dark Side of the Stars".

I love you for that, man!

Don't worry.

It's not love in a stalking, scary, 20/20 sort of way...

It's love in a 'thank you for listening and helping me to make a decision' sort of way.

My decisions is...

Dark needs to stay dark.

Maybe on a seperate blog. Maybe not on a blog at all.

We all have dark.

Different dark and levels of black.


I shall continue to make it my mission to bore you, cause you to spit out your coffee once in awhile, get all deep-thoughts on you occasionally, and to confuse you and sometimes amuse you.



That's what kind of a blogger I am.

I gotta go. Pearl is yammering away ... and you all know what a blabbermouth she is!!!


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Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

I can see why you would choose not to bring dark to an escapist island paradise like this. It's nice for a while to have a place for pure fun.

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

A very close friend once told me that when I had "dark", I should make it a point to write "dark" and keep it private, if I didn't feel like sharing. The important part was WRITING IT.

Have fun in Tucson. If I have a blog get together in Milford, will you come? :)

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Snarky??? Us??? No, never ever would we be snarky. We're just to stinkin' 'sweet' for snarky.

No you go and do what the voices in your head are commandin' of ya!!! Heeeehehhe!!!!

Sorry, I have no self~control. :o)

You have a terrifically blessed and beautiful Tuesday sweetie!!!

Sue said...

Looks like I've missed some things and need to read backwards a bit. You are having a blogging meet up?? How fun! Don't all bloggers sit around at their computers and eat sugary things?? You will be just fine!

Sharon said...

:) So, here's a cyber hug! (Jenny)

Ms. A said...

Our Jenny never feels insecure! Have a great time and then share it with those of us that would never, ever do it. (even if there are only a few of us)

Susan Anderson said...

Can't wait to hear about your visit with our fellow bloggers!

As for the "dark side," the main thing is that you've figured out what's right for you. I always say that it's better to err on the side of privacy when it comes to self-disclosure.


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

You go girl!

Amy said...

Ah, Jenny, I just love you!

Wanda..... said...

Staying light is good. One of the reasons I visit here is because you are so crazy funny, Jenny! It's great when soneone can make others smile so easily.

H said...

I sometimes think that meeting bloggers in the real world would be fun. But then, they would get to meet the REAL me and I get all insecure about what they would think. (LOL)

You have a great time Jenny. Hope they appreciate your wit and humour :)

Judie said...

There, now! Wasn't that easy? Gotta jump! I'm off to have plastic surgery at the drive-by face lift place.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I'm catching up on your posts in reverse order so I see that you braved it out and had your blog meet up. I also see that you all look as beautiful as can be. I think as bloggers who regularly read each others blogs you already know each others heart, so you would look beautiful no matter what.

KM said...

It would be hard to face some of my online friends. It is easier to hide imperfections online. Which is why I suppose I do not attend class reunions, but I do have classmates as facebook friends. Oh to be free of vanity! ;)