Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I feel kind of bad...

Most of you document your trips with wonderful photography so we can all vicariously (and without getting squashed into the middle seat) enjoy your travels right along with you.

And here I went on a giant trip without even telling you about it.

We actually started our journey two days ago.

Although the trip seemed easy the destination was fairly shocking. Our destination was gorgeous in a severe, austere way. We both exchanged surprised glances as we shivered violently. Fortunately we had equipped ourselves in appropriate gear for our trip. This is me, but of course, I cropped my face out of this particular picture. Isn't it amazing how slimming this ski suit is? I want one now, too. Our accomodations, again austere, did little good in keeping out the bone-chilling cold that seeped through every opening and crevice. But we huddled together like two freezing children on the arctic tundra and survived the night.

Oddly when my husband checked the thermostat he said it was SIXTY DEGREES!!!!

What, I stuttered through chattering teeth! No way. Read that thermostat again and put on your glasses this time.

Obviously it was below freezing.

Alas, it was, indeed, 60 freezing cold degrees.

In our house.

Yesterday night when we went to bed.

And even with a flannel nightgown, heavy socks AND my giant ZippyStrippyQuilt I was freezing my tutu off.

For real.

Listen, I know you might think us Arizona people are kind of sissies about the weather, but it just not true.

We can usually handle temps down to about 75 just fine. And then,'s a dry cold, you know?

So it feels like we're visiting the frozen tundra in the middle of an ice storm while lodging in an igloo.

OK, I lied.

We didn't go to the arctic.

We didn't get snowsuits.

We didn't stay in an igloo.

But, by golly, it sure felt like it the last two nights.

You'll have to excuse me now. I need to go find more quilts for the bed and more logs for the fire before the sun sets and the cold becomes really, really dangerous.


PS. Don't forget to enter my giveaway two posts down. The Zippy will help keep you cozy while you struggle with your arctic winter, too.


Jen said...

too cute and funny! I live in the midwest, it's 48 now, was 23 this morning...I LOVE the cold weather/winter/snow, so I guess I live in the right state. Enjoy your weather and stay warm. enjoy that fire!

Terri and Bob said...

Good gravy, girl! You need some meat in your blood. We are at 40 degrees during the day.

However, I would love to have your "problem."

My zippy strippy quilt is keeping me warm!!

Holly said...

It's good to know someone besides me freezes her tush easily. But not that easily. Our house is normally sixty-eight degrees in the warmest room, the kitchen. So go do what I do, soak in a hot hot bathtub. It will warm you right up. Quilts don't do the trick.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I had to laugh Jenny -- I always said that 60 degrees feels cold in September but hot in's all a matter of what the temperature has been most of the time.
I don't like when my house dips below 67 degrees ..the heat goes on then!
Hope it heats up a little for you soon..want me to send some wool sweaters your way?

Melinda Cornish said...

I am sending you via blog mail, my hot flashes....lord knows I have enough to spare!

Julie Schuler said...

Too funny! I keep the house on 64 degrees in the winter. I am the only one that is always cold, though. The rest of the family can go barefoot all winter and not feel a thing.

Lorie said...

I am SO with you! It is a dry cold! ;D

We bought new bedding and retired our sad old down comforter. And without it I was SO COLD!!!

Time to find a new down comforter!